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Default Re: Flour Test...

We should all just give it up. The solutions has just been unveiled in Rome:
Pizza-making machine has chefs in a spin . It's the end of slow food and the redefinition of fast food. McD's keep you head down.

"Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827
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Default Re: Flour Test...

That Italian machine is a totally different experience!!! Clearly it is the epitome of fine pizza and I am confident we will all be jetting off to Italy to be among the first to taste this fine, raw flour delight! (Yeah, Sure!)

More realistically it is almost enough to convince me to NOT go to Italy. However, I suspect the real issue is: Introduce it it Italy, Get Press and Attention, Then install them in other countries. And promote them as "Developed in Italy".

And, ideally put them in college dorms where guys will eat #$%^!

However I have no doubt you are already tearing down your WFO to make room for your Instant Pizza machine!

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Default Re: Flour Test...

My first head-to-head test of KA Italian and Caputo 00 is complete.

The brief conclusion is that they yield very similar results but there were some differences in prep that I need to close before I declare a "winner".

As a recap, the KA Italian was mixed at 60% hydration and the Caputo at 65. The flours looked very similar but the Caputa seemed stronger (and should be for it is supposed to be 11.5% protein vs. 8.5). The Caputo dough was much stickier and harder to handle out of the mixer and had less "structure" (ability to hold shape).

Then it got wierder. At refrigerator temps the KA Italian was definitely stiffer and less sticky than the Caputo. During the final rising at room temp the Caputo almost formed a puddle and the KA held its shape pretty well. The KA continued to be easier to handle. Both made similar pies but the Caputo continued to be a bit more challenging.

The first Caputo pizza incurred a burning topping problem that forced me to pull it a bit early - before it was fully cooked. The pie was good but a bit soft and gummy. The second pizza was cooked properly and serves as the reference for following comments.

Both KA pizzas were properly cooked but I deliberately cooked the first a bit short and the second a bit harder to get a range of results.

The harder cooked KA and the properly cooked Caputo were quite similar. Both had lots of crunch and a softer interior but I think the Caputo was a touch tougher. But really close!

My current conclusion is that they are quite similar and capable of very similar results. Precise details and personal preference will be big factors in which is deemed to be better.

I clearly need to increase the hydration of the KA to get closer to or equal the Caputo.At that point I would think the higher protein in the Caputo should be more evident.

In two uses of the KA Italian I have found it very easy to work with. While the Caputo at 65% hydration was well within my handling ability I can see newbies having some problems at that hydration level.

I kind of get the feeling that the Caputo is a bit like a Ferrari - capable of higher performance and results, but more exacting in how it is treated and coaxed into doing so.

The test WILL be done again!
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Default Re: Flour Test...

Originally Posted by texassourdough View Post
The KA Italian claims to be only 8.5% gluten
I have a possibly ignorant question: if this is true (which is indeed stated as 8.5% protein in the product description), then how does that jive with the nutritional information label on the KA site that has 3 g. protein for a 30 g. sample size? Isn't that more like 10%? This type of discrepency has always confused me. Am I missing something?

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Default Re: Flour Test...

OK... answering my own question: rounding.

IF they rounded up to get non-decimal values onto the label... then it could be around 8.6% 2.6g (the smallest nubmer that should be rounded to 3) in a 30.4 g. (the largest single-digit number that should be rounded down to 30) sample would yield 8.55%. Which, if the reader will indulge my speculation, the KA marketing department probably rounded to 8.5 rather than 8.6 because of some obscure research that indicates odd numbers to yield greater sales than even numbers.
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Default Re: Flour Test...

Hi Brian!

I agree with your conclusion. They list the grams in whole grams and anything from 2.50001 or so to 3.5 grams would be listed as 3 which equates to anywhere from 8.33 to 11.67 percent so the grams is not very helpful at really knowing what the flour is like...

As bakers I think we need good info from the manufacturers. Sure, flour varies but they can at least give us their targets or norms to keep us close.

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Default Re: Flour Test...

I have a addition to the flour test. I tried the Caputo red pizza bag against some store brand all-purpose unbleached flour.

I made 3 balls of each using the Pizza Stone recipe again.

I used the two stone method in a 550 degree Fahrenheit oven.

I was pleased with both pizza's I think but it is clear the Caputo was crisper and the store brand was more doughy.

I also think the Caputo handled better.
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