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Default Re: First Pizza

Ed, 25 pizzas in 1.5 hrs??? you are a pizza God. I am not worthy.
Seriously, any other tips??? I've gotten better, but still struggle at times. I think my biggest problem now is getting too creative, too fast. Trying different toppings, crust thicknesses, higher temps (900-950), lower temps (650-750). I guess I know my actual problems...I just can't stop doing it. Even though I've found several pizzas and techniques I do really well, I never stick with it...always trying something different the next time. I've seriously thought of starting to take notes because I'm forgetting what worked 2-3 months ago. (something my wife has been telling me for years - I do all the cooking and consider myself a pretty darned good, self taught, home chef - who doesn't believe in recipes). Its all starting to bite me in the butt with all of the variations I've done over the months and years.
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Default Re: First Pizza

Originally Posted by maver View Post
As far as shaping, look on youtube for the pazza pizzaiolo video - that flipping technique works great - avoids thin spots.
This one?


I like the twirling it around his finger and behind his back moves too. I don't think that'll happen this week. I found this video useful:


Choose "how to make pizza dough part 3" Ignore the first two thirds of the clip, where he talks about sheeting and docking. Note how when he hand stretches, he starts out by pushing a rim out, and forming a flying saucer shape, leaving a lump in the center, which helps prevent the over thin center that I was getting.

All these demonstrations seem to be using a tougher and dryer dough than I'm getting with the caputo recipe.

I'm not sure whether the uneven browning is due to an overhot floor or an underheated oven. Because you are finishing curing I would suspect underhot oven (oven has not fully moderated). Are you seeing the carbon burn off fully from the dome? My usual problem is an overhot floor - after the roaring fire I have to let it die down about 15 minutes to even the temperatures. During that moderation time the coals are on the side - the pizza area is exposed.
I think my oven was too hot. I kept fueling the oven for an hour after it turned white, thinking, as usual, that more was better, then when I pushed the fire over, I rushed to prepare the pizza before it got cooler. I think firing till "white" then pushing the fire over and letting it moderate for a while is the key.
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Default Re: First Pizza

No - not that one, this one -

YouTube - Il Pizzaiolo Pazzo

You're right, the first one looked to be too stiff a dough - more for show. The one above shows a dough that is supple. Watch that flipping move carefully - he makes it look difficult because he moves so fast and rotates as he goes. I do it slower and almost pat it back and forth - but with open hands it works very well for our higher hydration dough.
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