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Default Re: dough mix time

jay, i have tried a 24 hour rise with 1200 grams of flour and 1 gram of wet yeast . my room temp was 64 deg. with low humidity . it wasn't worth the trouble. i am going to try your sour dough approach . that looks interesting. will try it today.
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Default Re: dough mix time

64 is pretty cool. The combo of high salt, cool temp and low initial yeast makes it really hard to guess what the result will be.

This will be shooting from the hip but I know it will work if we get the yeast right.

I am going to assume 60% hydration for simple calculations. Obviously you are free to use a different number....

Let's do BOTH a preferment and a presoak! Each will be mixed at 60%.

For the preferment, take 300 grams of flour and 180 of water (60% of 300) and 1 gram of wet yeast. NO SALT. Mix that up around dinner time and it should be well expanded by the next morning. (Ideally it will be just peaking, not still growing and not shrinking, i.e. yeast at its max).

For the presoak, take 900 grams of flour, 540 of water, and your normal amount of salt (since you liek it salty) (2.5% times 1200 = 30 grams). Mix that up and let it sit overnight on the counter as well. The enzymes will work on the flour and create sugars and other stuff that gives better taste.

Then, when the preferment is peaking (and if it is leaden or heavy it isn't ready) simply mix the two together for about 2-3 minutes. I would do it by hand, just kneading and folding. Only thing I can see wrong with this is that, at 60% the dough is a bit stiff so mixing it will take some care and may take a little longer.

Again, give it a half hour to rise, ball, and two-three hours later the balls should be ready to bake.

It should give really tasty dough for the time is LONG but the yeast should be really active so the dough should be light and fragile!

Looking forward to how it works for you!
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Default Re: dough mix time

Crust is tender when cold, just like Roberto's.
Why try to re-invent the wheel when you can make a crust like they serve at Keste'??
To each his own as they say.

Tom in PA
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