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karl 10-26-2008 05:48 AM

Correct flour mix

Sadly I do not have access to the premixed Caputo pizza flour. I need to do my own mixing in order to follow most recipes on this forum ( which always seems to start with Caputo pizza mix). I understand that the mix is 00 flour and durum. I think it is about 2/3 of 00 and 1/3 durum. Am I close to the correct ratio?


nissanneill 10-26-2008 09:21 PM

Re: Correct flour mix
Hi Karl,
we here 'down under' are in a similar situation to you with the availability of the Caputo 00 flour: it is not available, but a 00 flour is.
I simply use an unbleached bread flour which makes a rather nice base because it satisfies my toughest critic, my other half.


karl 10-27-2008 10:09 AM

Re: Correct flour mix
Hello Neill,

We have just turned the clock one hour back to meet the winter up here! Night frost is happening and the first snow is creeping down the mountains. I am in the same position as you regarding critics from the "Queen". All admiration for my first attempts with the WFO (it could be the relief of being served rather than having to stand in front of the stove!).
But my two sons are more demanding. They keep on pushing for the "complete Italian pizza". So they drive me to perfection! (or crazy!). I have 2 months of dark and rainy weather, before the cold wintery periode (when I will fire up the WFO again) before my next attempt and I better be prepared.

regards from Karl

nissanneill 10-28-2008 03:23 AM

Re: Correct flour mix
Hi Karl,
it almost seems a waste of the oven not being able to use it whenever you like, as here in sunny South Australia.
We have 'mediteranian climate' and is between a low of generally 5˚C on the coldest days (although we do get the coldest time on rare days of 2˚C) to a max of 42˚C.
We have just turned the clock FOREWARD for daylight savings and the weather is getting warmer. 25˚C today but nearer 35˚C in the car. On quick with the air conditioner, yep, getting soft in my older years.
I buy my unbleached bread flour by the 10Kg from a Greek wholesaler and it makes wonderful pizza bases. Some of the forum members must have a much more sensitive palate than mine, although I do have a cast iron constitution, meaning that I eat anything, some even say that I would eat the crutch out of a camel drivers underpants. Some years ago maybe, but today more like a child's serve. One small 10-12" pizza is my absolute limit with a few sweet rounds an hour or so after the meal.
The 00 flour that I purchased from a large national supermarket chain, was not worth the extra it cost, in fact I could not taste the difference, but the dough did feel different.
I am planning on using a higher hydration next time and experiment with that.
It's a pity that postage to the other side of the globe is so expensive otherwise I would send you a kg sample. Still you should be able to 'import some cheaply from Italy eh???
Anyway, I hope you cope through your big freeze and crank up that oven ASAP and enjoy, after all that is why we build them, not to pack the up and look at!



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