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maver 05-07-2007 08:09 PM

My cousin is in town for the month visiting from Ostia (outside of Rome). We had him over for pizza a few days ago and had asked him what his favorite pizza was so we could make it for him. His recipe, which is a bit like insalata caprese, was to first cook the crust with olive oil, salt, and a little pepper, then right out of the oven apply thin discs of fresh mozzerella, next discs of fresh tomato slices, then olive oil, a handful of arugula (here different from caprese where it would be basil), then more olive oil (have to use the good stuff). It was very good - I'll make it again. James, have you seen anything like this?

james 05-08-2007 01:24 AM

Re: caprese
That sounds great. You get a pizza here that is topped with Arugula right out of the oven, then olive oil. The base is a Margherita. It's like a salad and pizza all at the same time. They stack the arugula up, and you eat it (all pizza actually) with a knife and fork. Good pizzas are never sliced. I order than pizza pretty often.

The fresh, un-cooked Mozzarella sounds like a good fit. Nice find.

DrakeRemoray 05-08-2007 08:56 AM

Re: caprese
The wood fired place near me (Via Bacci) offers a proscuitto and arugula topped pizza. Both toppings go on after the pizza comes out of the oven. It is one of my favorites.

In Florence they served a sliced steak (Tagliata) topped with arugula and olive oil. Yum!

jjerrier 05-13-2007 08:01 PM

Re: caprese
At our shop we have a Caprese and a Primavera -

Caprese is buffalo mozz, cherry tomatoes, olive oil, then prosciutto, arugula and more olive oil out of the oven

Primavera is same as above but fior di late and parmesan instead of buffalo

We sell A LOT of pizzas with arugula on them.

The primavera is my personal go-to pizza while at work! Also went to a BBQ last night and made a few for the host on his big green egg...came out pretty good.

james 05-14-2007 09:20 AM

Re: caprese
Those both sound great. Jay, can you deliver a pizza with arugula?

I want FB to be the Big Green Egg when it grows up.;

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