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Default Re: Amount of yeast

Thanks T,
I know I'm trying to rush it at the cost of a really good crust. I used to make bigger batches and spend the effort weighing my flour/water to get 62-65% hydration when using an organic bread flour/semolina. After awhile I then began just going by eye and feel, no measuring. The 'no measuring' part is related to the reason I started the thread.

You inspired me to go back to my old ways as a restart and hopefully get the mojo back. I need to plan ahead and recalibrate my eye with the scale and give the dough time do it's thing. But one of the issues with where I proof my dough is with my garage fridge which doesn't get much above freezing all winter but from past experience it still has a positive affect on flavor and texture.

Thanks for the recipe, very, very close to mine. A bit more salt, I'll give your proportions a try.
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