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Il Pizzaiolo
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Default Re: 110% hydration pizza dough?

Hmmm... Interesting Brian!

It looks almost exactly like my focaccia! But my focaccia is about BP 70%.

I keep my sourdough starter at 100% and it looks a lot like his dough. I will almost bet he used bread flour. I can't imagine AP holding that much water gracefully but...

I will try my hand at it next weekend. Haven't done a potato focaccia in a long time. Guess it is about due!

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Il Pizzaiolo
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Default Re: 110% hydration pizza dough?

Well, I did it - sort of....

I tried to make BP100 focaccia dough and I did mix it that way using KA Bread flour but it never came together right so I added flour to get a little bit of character to it. Ended up at BP94 and it was barely less than a batter. It went in the pan easily and spread easily to the corners with minimal effort (less than regular focaccia). However, the high liquidity and big bubbles made it weird.

I will be honest, I didn't like the way it handled. I would much rather have a BP70-75 and have more substance to the bread. The high hydration screwed up the baking time. The top got too brown and the bottom was still too light. It needed to be baked at a lower temp longer. It is really AIRY but I find that a problem also for it isn't able to support itself as well. It just isn't "right" for focaccia! More like a ciabatta pizza only it isn't right for that either.

It was worth trying and educational but...I like my regular focaccia!
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