Deruta Ceramicsolive oil photo

deruta ceramic bowl
Deruta Ceramic Serving Plate.

deruta ceramic bowl
Deruta Ceramic Serving Bowl.

hand painting deruta ceramics
Painted by hand.

deruta photo
The hilltop village of Deruta.

Forno Bravo imports authentic, hand painted ceramics from Deruta, Italy. These wonderful serving pieces can be used every day, and for parties. Our family has been using Deruta ceramics for years, and we use various sizes of serving plates and bowls almost every evening for family dinner. We think you will love these wonderful and practical works of art.

The Umbrian village of Deruta is located 10 south of Perugia on a hill that overlooks the Tiber valley. Deruta is world-famous for its ceramic art, which dates back to the Middle Ages. The oldest and most important commissioned works date back to the 13th century, and the art form reached its highest level in the beginning in the early 16th century, when chapels, palazzos, and basilicas throughout Umbria were decorated with hand painted ceramics. Today, the production of artistic ceramics comprises the main activity of the town. With over 200 majolica workshops and shops, as well as a State School for Ceramic Arts, Deruta continues its historic artistic traditions.

The roots of the Raffaellesco style can be traced back to the famous renaissance artist Raffaello Sanzio. He adorned the borders of his frescoes with symbolic decorations depicting dragons and mythical animals, and the craftsmen of the late 16th century copied and adapted these decorations, giving rise to one of the most famous Deruta styles. You can see the Raphael dragon in frescos at the Logge Vaticane in Rome.

Today Deruta is still widely identified with this style.

We hope you will enjoy your new ceramics.

Forno Bravo