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Delicious recipe!

Thank you for this recipe. We made it last night — though with a 4 pound free-range chicken. Yum!

Because the night was getting dark (didn’t start the fire in the oven soon enough), that necessitated a couple of changes that might be helpful to note.
1. After the oven cleared, pushed the still very hot coals to the oven perimeter, but turned the pot often to ensure even cooking. At the start, the floor was almost 800 degrees F.
2. Used a terracotta casserole w/ a metal pan underneath to help shield the bottom from the heat. That worked fine.
2. Probably didn’t brown the chicken enough before covering w/ foil, so after the bird was done, removed the foil and re-browned the chicken. The result was nice crispy skin over the tasty moist chicken.
3. Didn’t have dessert wine, so used a nice Alsatian Riesling. The sauce was still very, very tasty.
4. Strained the sauce and skimmed the fat as directed, but put the veggies back in. Since we had rice, it was nice to have a more substantial sauce.

Highly recommend this recipe!

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