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I live in southern Piemonte, just north of Liguria where this famous dish is known as “Farinata”. The flour is available in every grocery store. Typically farinata is cooked in a heavy, round, tinned, copper pan. Usually the batter is rested for at least 6 hours or overnight. My 80 year old friend is a specialist and tells me that the top should be brown but the bottom should be a bit rubbery so he cooks his on top of two long, quarter inch square, steel bars which hold the pan just above the hot oven floor. That keeps the bottom from browning. However, I prefer mine brown on both sides, so I cook mine on the oven floor as do many cooks from Liguria. Suit yourself. I would advise first time experimenters to make the batter more watery than you might think appropriate. It will thicken over time but should be no thicker than heavy cream; i.e. it is a rather thin batter, not a dough by any means. And pour a bit more olive oil in the pan than you might think is enough; i.e. don’t be stingy with the oil. It’s good for you.

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