On Forno Bravo Ovens

"Yesterday's fire 'completely' burned all the soot off, finally exposing all of that beautiful Artigiano brick again. It's gorgeous work. It's so smooth it looks "fake", like brick wallpaper had been attached. it's amazing. I'm proud and lucky to own a piece of such fine workmanship!"
-- Mark, Texas.

"We have gotten many ideas and advice from your site. Your site is by far the leader when it comes to information and products about using a wood fired oven. I have always wanted a wood fired oven since being stationed in Italy in the early 80’s. We love it, and your website sure has taken a lot of the mystery on how to use it! We did make our first pizzas in our Forno Bravo over the weekend and they were awesome! We used the vertical chicken grill (we now call it ’Beer Chicken’) over the weekend and what a great idea! We are Forno Bravo Fans! Thanks again!"
-- Tim, Virginia.

"I have had my Casa 110 up and burning for three or four weeks now and have not enjoyed anything in my yard more. My oldest daughter say that I am obsessed – well, maybe so, but the pizza is great."
-- JW, California.

"Know that I really appreciate what you folks at Forno Bravo are doing. I'm in love with my Casa 100 - I use it weekly to make bread, main dishes and appetizers."
-- Richard, California.

"I looked into several types of wood burning ovens for my backyard and decided to go with Forno Bravo [this may sound like I work for them but I just was very pleased with the support]. Let me explain my skills. I had never used concrete. I had never owned an electric saw of any kind. I had never taken on a project like this. I had put together a swing set a couple of years ago so I do own some basic tools, but I'm the type of person who likes specific directions. I went with the Forno Bravo Casa90 because I spoke with James at Forno Bravo and felt comfortable that if I had 100 questions he would answer all of them [actually in the end it was more like 200 questions]. For those of you who are thinking about getting an oven - do it!"
-- Arthur, Illinois.

"The oven is WOW! We used the oven for the first time last weekend with Alf here and WOW - it's fabulous! We spent hours sitting in front of the oven in our framed addition eating pizza with Alf and Barbara - fantastic pizza and great way to commune! We're really looking forward to using it. Alf's a great font of knowledge about wood burning ovens. We really enjoyed having him stay with us and cooking together."
-- Carole, Washington, DC (Casa90).

"We made pizzas in our Premio90 for the first time and they were amazing! Sadly, no leftovers. We are going be firing our oven all the time."
-- Mary, Florida.

"I want to write a testimonial for your web-site. You have been outstanding. Let me know if I can and how I can. Thanks."
-- Dan, New Jersey.

"The oven is great. We've changed the neighborhood!"
-- James, CA (Casa100).

"I am so happy with my oven. We are coming into spring and summer weather, and we had our first outdoor pizza party yesterday. Previously, I had been shuttling pizzas out to the oven and back inside. Yesterday we setup the make table outside, it was great. I cooked 18 pizza, 3 loaves of Pugliese, then a Zuni-cafe style chicken with warm bread salad. I was going to put a pot roast in this morning before work, but the oven was still 350! So I told my wife to wait until later in the day.
I am so happy...this thing is great."
-- Drew, CO.

"We have our beautiful oven up and running; I will send you pictures for your web site (it's gray, "house shaped", with concrete counters, BBQ on one side, and finished off with a few Malibu tiles. Set in front of the vineyard and mountains behind us, I would say it looks great.) It also draws and heats like a dream."
-- Karen, CA.

"Hi James, I can't properly express my appreciation for Forno Bravo! You do a superb job. Forno Bravo is a wonderful site to learn about building a wood fired oven, and making both bread and pizza. I’ve got the best of both worlds! I’ll keep coming back to see what’s cooking! Thanks."
-- Jack, WA.

"Thanks James, after 3 months of practice, I believe I have a handle on the pizza making plus found it great for Indian food. I had a guy come in and age the look of the installation and it looks absolutely brilliant. If you ever get anyone interested in buying one here in Sarasota, I strongly recommend you give them my number. All the very best!
-- Robert, Sarasota, FL (Toscana100)

I've had my Forno Bravo oven (Premio100) for about 1 year. I use the same exact dough recipe as before. The difference in the taste and texture is amazing.
-- Mel, California

On the Forno Bravo Modena Commerical Ovens

"I can't believe it. The pizzas come out perfect. This oven (Modena140G gas/woodcombo) is amazing."
Alex Gurevich, owner of 3 premier restaurants in the city of Denver.

Campagna Salumi Bar and Pizzeria
1120 East 6th Avenue
Denver CO 80218

Here is a comment on yelp by a customer:
"I was very excited when I read that they had a forno bravo pizza oven."

On Forno Bravo Service and Support

"Tammy and Krista, Just got a call from the Happy bride and groom. They LOVED the Forno Bravo gift, "so much better than a picture frame". Success! Thanks for all your suggestions and help! You're awesome."
-- Robin and Jonathan, Kalamazoo MI.

"I can't offer praise enough to Forno Bravo for all their information on oven design and construction. We followed their directions and now, for the first time in 30 some years, have non-doughy pizza, delicious breads, melanzane, and all that without over-heating our house when it is warm outside."
-- Earl, Paradise, CA.

James, thanks for the quick response, I wrote you as I started the fire, and was able to read your response after four of the best pizzas my family and I have eaten. Thanks again,
-- Tommy, New Jersey

On Cooking in a Forno Bravo Oven

"The Casa90 is a pleasure. I've been teaching how to cook pizza for some time, and as of this summer teaching bread. Anybody who says you can't cook bread in a pizza oven must not have tried it, is all I can say!"
-- Mike, Washington.

"Yesterday was good -- great taste and good crust. Checked the temp of the floor and dome 20 minutes after removing the bread [13lbs of bread] and the floor was 450 and the dome was 465. I could probably squeeze another round of bread. I will do more serious research on my next batch re: cool down. I built this to make one batch and it clearly can work great."
-- Jay, Texas (Premio100).

"The oven is up and running. It works great. I have made some of the best pizza that I have ever had."
-- Tom, NY.

"Yes, the oven is cooking great. I'm very happy with results: super delicious pizza's!!!"
-- Peter, SC.

"The oven cooks great. I did not get it quite hot enough the 1st time and so the pizza did not get crisp enough on bottom. The second time I had it up around 900F and when I slipped the pizza off the peel in the back of the oven it almost exploded---I learned to slide it off the peel up front and then move it farther back after I got the temp down to a less than super-nova temp. I have not done anything since Sat. night @ 7:30 and with the door in the oven is still showing me a retained heat of almost 200F so I guess I got the 'thermal mass' part right. It's been a fun learning curve!"
-- Carl, CA. (Premio90)

On www.fornobravo.com

"I love your website. I stumbled upon it as I was searching for how to make the perfect Italian Pizza. Your site has actually been the most helpful as it seems many want to keep this a close guarded secret. I'm Italian American and still have relatives in Italy and have been many times. I love the food in Italy and of course the Pizza with the simplest and few ingredients and yet the most robust flavors. Thanks to all of those at Forno Bravo who care about the very best :) Grazie,"
-- Dan, Virginia.

"First, thank you for a truly excellent website. I do a great deal of shopping and research on line and I plan to utilize your website as a benchmark for quality. Truly outstanding."
-- Bill, Maine.

"I have to tell you that your company has a great website in regards to information on wood burning ovens ! Thank you for all the information. I will be helping my brother-in-law build a wood burning oven in his backyard in Cottonwood Arizona and I have been using your website as a primer for gathering knowledge on this subject."
-- Ron, NY.

"I love your website and the information is great. I referred an entire pizza class at whole foods to you guys as no one else knew where to get wood fired pizza ovens! Thanks."
-- Ryan, CO.

"Great site, very inspirational and helpful."
-- Neil, UK.

On Caputo Pizza Flour

"We made our first pizzas last night and the flour was perfect. The pizza crust was excellent."
-- Diana, Colorado. While ordering ten more bags of flour.

"This is the best flour for pizza by far -- hands down. It makes all the difference in the world."
-- Scott, North Carolina. While ordering his second supply of Caputo Pizza Flour.

"... and what to my surprise, he [Peter Reinhart] had made dough balls for us the day before using Caputo flour. I couldn't help but notice the 50 lb bag behind him as he presented his pizza making art. We got to make two pizza's each during the class and I made both with the Caputo flour balls he had prepared. So, I was able to save the flour from my recent shipment from you. [The class] was extremely energetic, informative and he definitely delivered the flavor. Again thanks for your help in getting us the flour before the class. It looks like a 50 lb bag will be in my future. I'll be in touch."
-- Roy, North Carolina.

"Hi James, It was nice meeting you yesterday. I made a couple of pizzas last night with the new flour and --- WOW! My wife was blown away, as was I. You can really taste, feel, smell the difference with that flour."
-- Eric, San Francisco,California.

"It's not just that the pizza is so much better, which it is, but more, it is so much easier to throw a great pizza. The dough is so much nicer to work with.
-- Donnatella, California (via Modena).

"We switched to Caputo flour a few years ago, and it made all the difference in the world. It was like night and day. We have business executives from the northeast down here for meetings with Walmart, and they know good pizza. Our customers could tell."
-- Ron, Arkansas.

"We had a party and did a blind tasting the other night, and the pizzas made with the Caputo flour easily won."
-- Carl, California. Placing a new order.

"Hi James, It's been awhile since I've visited your web site, and I have to say I'm impressed, it looks great! Nice to see some of your customers are now using Tipo "00" Caputo flour, and good to see that you now have it in stock for them to buy. It does make a big difference in the pizza dough."
-- Perry, NJ.

"I just had to write back to you. I don’t usually write about products but this is different.

I’ve been making pizzas for a long time with a couple different recipes that I liked but using your recipe with the new flour I order is nothing short of amazing. This pizza dough has the best flavor I have ever had. Thanks so much for make an incredible product available.

I also LOVE the tomatoes and will be ordering those by the case from now on.

And the pizza stone…………the BEST I’ve ever seen or used.

Thanks again!!!
Billie, Wisconsin