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In the good old days, companies used to issue press release and track press clippings in newspapers. Today, we blog. You can see the latest on the Forno Bravo Blog. If you are feeling nostalgic, here are some old-fashion press releases and press clippings from the the early days at Forno Bravo.

Press Releases

05/17/04 Forno Bravo Brings Italian Brick Oven Cooking Experience to American Chefs and Families
06/15/04 Thin Crust or Thick? U.S. Company Helps End Debate on What is a True Neapolitan Pizza
07/06/04 Forno Bravo Unveils Pompeii Oven; Brings Ancient Rome Back to Life
08/17/04 Forno Bravo Opens UK Facility
03/07/05 Forno Bravo to Bundle Free Cookbooks with Pizza Ovens
03/15/05 Forno Bravo Introduces Forum: an on-line community dedicated to wood-fired oven construction and cooking
04/06/05 Forno Bravo Introduces RefMix; the Perfect Pizza Oven Mortar
06/06/05 Forno Bravo Upgrades Forno Bravo Photos; Premier Wood-Fired Photo Site Growing Rapidly
10/03/05 Forno Bravo to sell Caputo Pizza Flour
1/5/06 Forno Bravo Store Goes Live
1/5/06 Forno Bravo Introduces Toscana; A Fully-Assembled Ready to Cook Pizza Oven
1/6/06 Forno Bravo Adds Cast Iron Tuscan Grill to Popular On-Line Store
02/06/06 Forno Bravo Adds Professional Pizza Peels on Popular On-Line Store
03/06/06 Forno Bravo Adds Long Handled Wooden Pizza Peels to On-Line Store
03/07/06 Forno Bravo Adds Professional Pizza Stones to On-Line Store
04/07/06 Forno Bravo adds Terracotta Bakeware to on line Store
04/07/06 Forno Bravo Introduces Tell-a-Friend. Program Pays 10% Commission on Pizza Oven Sales
04/16/06 Forno Bravo and Ramekins partner to offer wood-fired oven cooking classes
06/06/06 Forno Bravo Introduces SuperIsol Under Oven Insulation
06/08/06 Forno Bravo Introduces Insulfrax insulation for pizza oven builders
07/07/06 Forno Bravo Talks about Wood-Fired Cooking on NPR Affiliate KRCB
09/0/06 Forno Bravo Introduces Metal Pizza Oven Stand
10/6/06 Forno Bravo Opens Sonoma County Showroom
11/06/06 Forno Bravo Upgrades Forno Bravo Cooking; Premier Wood-Fired Cooking Site adds Recipes and Search
11/15/06 Forno Bravo Forum Add Photo Hosting Service
2/7/07 Forno Bravo Introduces Pompeii Oven Door
3/21/07 Forno Bravo introduced Pompeii Oven e-Book

News Articles

Delaware on line logo
May 27, 2004. Delaware News Journal; House and Garden New and Notable

star telegram logo
June 2 , 2004. Ft. Worth Star Telegraph; Grill of Your Dreams

CinnPost Logo
June 17, 2004. Cincinnati Post; Italian pizzas follow 'specs'

Huntsville Times Logo
June 23, 2004. Huntsville TImes; From Italy with Love

Review Journal Logo
September 08, 2004. Las Vegas Review Journal; FIRE IT UP: A Piece of the Pie

December 7, 2004. Telegraph on line (UK); Hooked on classics: toys for boys – axes, fighter pilot's gloves...

August 2005. Fired up: Back yard brick ovens put pizza into a new perspective

Sept 2005. Front-yard oven delivers for pizza lover

February 2, 2006. Make Pizza Like a Pro at Home.

March 19, 2006. Home and Garden DIY

March 2004. Jim Hatch talks about wood-fired ovens.

May 2006. James Bairey on KRCB. Hear the Podcast.

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