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Instacure #1 in Seattle

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  • Instacure #1 in Seattle

    For those interested in curing meats and wanting to prevent a botulism outbreak through the use of Pink Salt (Instacure #1, Prague Powder, etc., etc.), Emerald Market Supply by Safeco carries it, but they are only open 8-4:30 M-F. Not very convenient. Double D Meat Market in Mountlake Terrace (by the post-office) carries little bags of it. And it looks like a pretty good butcher shop to boot. I'm definitely going back there to check on their stock. They were really busy on Saturday and I was in a hurry to start my pancetta (ended up just using an extra dose of sea salt for it instead of pink salt). They don't carry fresh pork belly (just frozen), but you can call your order in ahead of time and they'll accommodate you.

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    Re: Instacure #1 in Seattle

    You can usually get it at Indian or Indonesian markets, too.


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      Re: Instacure #1 in Seattle

      Be careful! I would suggest you read the following link (especially the bit about food):

      What is the Diference between Sodium Nitrite and Sodium Nitrate?

      It is not just sea salt but "pink salt" for preserving meats contains nitrates which are very good at preventing botulism which straight sea salt does not. If one simply Googles "pink salt" one can find all sorts of wrong info about it simply being high quality sea salt.

      The only reason I know about this is from a doctor friend who makes his own sausage.



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        Re: Instacure #1 in Seattle

        I know sea salt doesn't have the same properties as pink salt, but the guy I bought my belly from convinced me that I can make pancetta without the addition of pink salt. I used the pink salt for some fresh bacon that I'm making.

        And it seems that a lot of people are under the misconception that Himalayan pink salt is the same thing as the pink salt used in curing. No, no, and no. Wiley is correct that it contains nitrates. And a pink coloring is added to distinguish it from regular salt.


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          Re: Instacure #1 in Seattle

          For recipes, and where to get all of your curing products.....go to:

          Sausage Recipes and Formulations


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            Re: Instacure #1 in Seattle

            Hey, Papavino, how did the pancetta come out? The initial pic looked good. We're finally getting cooler temps here, so I'll be getting a batch going soon.


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              Re: Instacure #1 in Seattle

              I saw cure #1 available at Market Spice Tea at PPM the other day. Did not see if they carried #2 as we were in a hurry.


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                Re: Instacure #1 in Seattle

                I found this place early today on the net

                <b>&bull;</b> Sausage Cures & Meat Brines : The Sausage Source - Sausage Making Supplies & Equipment

                I have no affiliation, but they have all the Prauge #1 and #2 amongst other curing agents.

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