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Brick cutting saws

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  • Brick cutting saws

    Does anyone here in the Houston area who have built their oven willing to loan or sell their saw used to cut the brick?

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    Re: Brick cutting saws

    If you cant find a loaner, Get yourself an angle grinder with a diamond blade...


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      Re: Brick cutting saws

      Thanks I did that already. Bought a 4 1/2" angle grinder with a dia cutting wheel. Just thought that a cheap table wet saw would be faster for repetitive cuts.
      My neighbor has a small table wet saw for cutting tiles but I think it is too small for the fire bricks. Any thoughts?


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        Re: Brick cutting saws

        The trick to using those table style wet saws without getting covered in mud is to use them backwards, and pull the brick toward you. They won't cut a full brick, but it's a clean and easy break (or double cut when precision counts).
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          Re: Brick cutting saws

          Hey Gdest,
          Those small units will cut a brick if you have a few days to spend and a lot of money for diamond blades.. According to their website Harbor Freight has 2 stores in Houston, 17490 HWY 290 10826 NORTH FREEWAY
          Try their website, If your not familiar, they come in handy for a lot of things..
          This was a favorite tool, I used it to cut 90% of my brick - Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices

          The thing with them is most of their stuff is always on sale, and you can get coupons for 20% off,, Here's one of their tile saws- Harbor Freight Tools - Quality Tools at the Lowest Prices For the prices on some of the stuff it can be hard to go wrong, You just have to be careful of what you buy, Most of the stuff is decent and some is just plain crap...


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            Re: Brick cutting saws

            I converted an old, heavy duty radial arm to a brick saw with the addition of a 14" dia blade, bigger homemade guard, pond pump, mortar tub, plastic tubing and a couple of 5 gal buckets...works like a champ and can cut up to 5 inches deep in one pass..
            Blade was around $70....the rest was laying around the shop, took around 10 hours of time..

            I even chamfered my inner arch with it...

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              Re: Brick cutting saws

              If the adage " He who dies with the most tools wins" is true, I think you are in the lead


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                Re: Brick cutting saws

                I bought the Harbor Freight saw and it worked fine for my oven. Its not too much money. I'd consider lending you my saw, but I am in Austin.


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                  Re: Brick cutting saws

                  I am in the area but you already have what I used (cheap tile saw) I also tried a 10" blade on my (dry) table saw the neighbors loved the dust cloud so much that they asked me to stop.


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                    Re: Brick cutting saws

                    I have access to a commercial 14" wet brick saw but too far away to loan.

                    the neighbors loved the dust cloud so much that they asked me to stop.
                    This dust is easy to prevent. simply get a couple of fine garden sprayers and pass the dust (off the blade) through the fine misty spray. It wets the dust and turns it into brick mud!
                    Directing the dust into a cut open 20l square plastic drum is a good start!
                    If you have access to a good commercial vacuum, will also suck up the majority of dust if it is carefully directed into a chute for the vacuum to collect


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                      Re: Brick cutting saws

                      Guys i am in west houston and looming to borrow buy or rent a harbor freight wet saw. Iif anybody in houston can let me borrow i would appreciate that


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                        Re: Brick cutting saws

                        Trust me it will be cheaper to buy the saw then rent it. I sold my saw after I was done with the brick cutting for about the same amount I bought it for.


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                          Re: Brick cutting saws

                          What kind of saw did you use? Harbor freight? I have a regular wet saw but its not deep enough. So i have to make 12 cuts with tile saw and 6 cuts with angle grinder. A bit pain in the neck!


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                            Re: Brick cutting saws

                            I used the harbor freight saw. You buy the saw the stand is seperate and also the blade.
                            As far as cutting brick being a pain in the neck, I agree! Anything you can do to reduce this is a bonus.
                            One thing that I did that I found helpful is rather than use the tray that comes with the HF saw for your water reserve, I used a 5 gallon bucket and droped the water pump in that. The tray gets filled up very quickly from the brick resdue (This is the fire clay that everyone talks about). Where in West Houston are you?


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                              Re: Brick cutting saws

                              I am close to eldridge and memorial. I have soldier course, floor and arch ready. Today i am going to buy hf saw.