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The Mountains of North Georgia

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  • The Mountains of North Georgia

    After years of trying to find a good pizza oven, I have finally started to build my own brick oven, using Forno Bravo plans. Have completed foundation and stand and have framed hearth, with Hardibacker and rebar. Now waiting for the weather to cooperate for the concrete pour. I will be mixing concrete myself in wheel barrow since I cannot get other means to the location.

    "I have been searching for truth and justice, and the perfect pizza" since I left Connecticut in 1959. Yes, I am a Yankee, please forgive me, but I'm doing the best I can.

    I feel a close relationship to Italy and Italian food since I once had a girl friend who was first generation Italian. (Veronica Battistoni) Doesn't get any better than that. As soon as I can figure out how to post pictures, I'll do it. Not of Veronica, but of the oven!


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    Re: The Mountains of North Georgia

    Dave, how's it going? I migrated to Atlanta from New Haven, CT 30+ years ago, and am exploring building an outdoor pizza oven, because I've never been able to find decent pizza in Atlanta.


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      Re: The Mountains of North Georgia

      Made many a trip down RT 8 to New Haven back in the 50's. I've been trying to find the perfect pizza since I left the northeast and have yet to come close. So, I am building my own oven and have been doing research on pizza etc. for a number of years. I will try to add a photo of what I've down so far. One of the major problems in building the oven was finding the materials. I did find the perfect supply company in the Atlanta area that can supply probably all your needs. Unfortunetly, I found them after importing from all over the US. Name of the company is Larkin Refractory Solutions, located at 2331 Varkel Way, in Lithonia. Great Place. If you bring your plans to them they will layout your arches, make you angles, etc.
      If you want to discuss this further, please let me know and I'll give you a play by play. Hate to bore anybody. I had no experience with this process, but I think we all have a tendancy to overestimate the skill required. Just jump in and do it! I am about 2 weeks from trying the first pizza. I'll let you know how it turns out. If you give me your email address, I'll send you the photos. Can't seem to add them to this response.

      Dave T


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        Re: The Mountains of North Georgia

        Thanks for getting back to me. Don't worry about boring me with what you've done; I have a lot to learn. Would love to see pics. Email address is rognick17@comcast.net


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          Re: The Mountains of North Georgia

          dThomas, how come you never post a pic of your oven?

          My slow journey to pizza.


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            Re: The Mountains of North Georgia

            Damn, I'm sure trying!