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Pompeii OVens in MA?

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  • Pompeii OVens in MA?

    Does anyone out there know of any Pompeii style ovens in MA? I am poised to begin the project, but gun-shy to begin mixing mortar without first speaking to local owners/builders of such ovens. Any names, locations, tips are appreciated.


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    Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

    hello djg,
    I have poured a base, and hearth, and getting ready for next steps.. all in Vineyard haven. Where are you in Mass? Happy to compare notes as we go. I found a supplier in Mass for insulating blanket.
    Victor C


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      Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

      We are in Marblehead (NorthShore).
      Thanks for contacting me. Do you have any pics, and/or insight from your project so far?

      David G.


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        Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

        I'm also in Mass but have not started my oven, but I have found places to source all material. If you need help with anything let me know and I can give you some of the suppliers I have found. I plan on starting mine up either in the fall or next spring, need to finish a few things up before I start this project.


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          Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

          ooops dnt mean to send the last message before crrecting spelling and completing.. oh well technology got ahead of me..

          My 'insight' so far.. is .. if you are not experienced with this stuff.. lay out the plan.. a model first.. take it in small steps that ae correctable.. i.e.. before mixing the vermiculite cement today.. i tried 2 different approaches in a very small batch to see what it was like ( i read about each approach in the forum.. I found for example, that the advice.. I read that said.. mix the portland cement oin the water.. then add the vermiculite to the liquid.. worked better for me than dry mixing the cement and vermiculite then adding water..


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            Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

            dleba.. where will this masterpiece be anchored?
            Myoven is in Vineyard haven.. or.. more accurately.. 'emerging' there.hat sort of supplies are you talking about? in mass? where?


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              Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

              DJG, I'm building a 42" oven in central ma. I'm getting close to finishing the dome. I'd be glad to answer any questions you may have. I don't have any masonry experience, but I'm happy with the results thus far.



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                Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                I have done masonry off and on for over 30 years. Happy to answer any questions. I have never built a pizza oven with all these specs though. I have contemplated building one but even my masonry suppliers around here laugh when I ask about "medium duty" fire brick...I have no idea where to get this sort of brick...probably some refactory supply place near the steel mills of the heartland.


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                  Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                  Where did you get your fire brick?


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                    Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                    I'm in Waltham and hopefully my build will start this fall when we get some cooler weather.

                    Victor, your on the vineyard or just on the cape? My buddy lives in Mashpee.

                    Gsuter, where in central MA are you?


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                      Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                      Dlebla, I'm in Spencer.


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                        Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                        I'm in Watertown when not on M Vineyard. The 'emerging ' oven is in Vineyard haven, MV. It now has a floor, and the 'soldier round of bricks. Later this week, I hope to place the first round of dome bricks. this is a 42 inch diameter oven; I want the dome height to be 16", so I have to construct a model.. and adjust the 'indispensible tool' radius as I move each course. ALL ADVICE WELCOME on how to best do this.

                        Also would love advice on transition from circle dome to chimney entrance. I need a 'place by numbers' template!


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                          Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                          I am in Concord NH. My dome is done, my entry arches are complete and I am about to fix the vent/chimney. I am interested in finding a local supplier of the insulation blanket for the dome. Can someone give me the name of the supplier in MA?

                          I would be happy to answer any questions.



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                            Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                            There is one is in Woburn MA called Smart Ceramics.

                            Welcome to Smart Ceramics: Manufacturers of Structural Ceramics for the Heating Industry
                            Tel: 978-694-8977

                            I also know of this place

                            Bob Riccio
                            Distribution Center Manager
                            Harbison-Walker Refractories Company
                            163 Boston Post Road
                            West Haven, Connecticut. 06516
                            203-934-7960 Phone
                            203-934-4912 Fax
                            Website ANH Refractories

                            Let me know what you find out as I will need to get this stuff once i"m ready.


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                              Re: Pompeii OVens in MA?

                              Hi dlebla, iam new to this forum, just got my forno bravo info. cd. Wondering if you finished your oven. I live in Ware, Ma. near the Quabbin Reservoir. I will be starting my build in the fall 2012, have many other projects i promised the wife i would do first, cant wait. Look forward to sharing with everyone.