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  • Belfast

    I have just begun my second attempt in the back yard. If anyone local has caught the passion do say hello!
    First was a trad barrel bread oven, with far too much thermal mass.
    This is Tuscan after our son's wedding to Grainne. I was inspired by the oven by their old church. It must be used for weddings and church events.
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    Re: Belfast

    It certainly has a interesting flue design...
    " Life is art, live a masterpiece"


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      Re: Belfast

      Where exactly is this oven?

      I'm intrigued...
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        Re: Belfast

        Its of course a work in progress, sort of making it up as i go! Back yard in cranmore, Belfast (N ireland). The smoke chamber is simply stucco over metal plastering mesh, flue is free offcuts. I turned it sideways tobavoid dominating the view to garden, but also i will be building brick columns for a Loggia style feature, so can have a brick stack. At the front those holes ensure a dry insulation layer since its laid into sloping ground.
        Landing is therefore kept clear and wide but I now discover that although technically a landing is completely unnecessary, there is signuficant heat when lit extends about a foot outwards, so i will now add a platform to make use of this, a keep warm slow cook area.
        I am looking at Kiva Rumfkrd design as a possible build in below, in place of log area so the flue gets used twicw, oven and fireplace


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          Re: Belfast

          OK, I misunderstood - I thought the photo was of the oven that inspired you; it certainly looks well past the 'just begun' stage!

          And very rustic - it should blend in beautifully.


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            Re: Belfast

            By "just begun" it only needs a full week to build, Once the base slab and retaining wall is in I laid the RB and dome in a few days last summer.... But carelessly cut my foot open. A year later the insulation, smoke chamber and finish coats just applied, first firing in July, but hearth and flue to do. I can get random marble slabs free locally, so outdoor dough kneading, and so many Ref bricks left over from previous trad barrel oven that I could make a second Naples oven but will build a kiva fire in the log space below