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Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum members.

As many may have noticed already, the Community Forum site was briefly down today. While working on scheduled routine maintenance, we encountered an error when trying to add a software update. As the site is now back up and running, some of you may notice that some recent data has been misplaced from November 10th up to today. We are currently working on resolving the issue. The forum has full operational capabilities and we encourage all forum members to continue actively posting in the threads.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue may have caused you. The Forno Bravo family values each and every member of our community. If you have any issues or concerns, please feel free to let us know on our issues thread here:


Thank you for understanding.
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Forno Bravo Forum Thread Message

Hello, Forno Bravo Community Forum Members!

The Forno Bravo team has heard the feedback in regards to the community forum. We wanted to take the time to re-enforce our commitment to a fully engaged Forum with professional moderation.

Our top priority as a company is to fix all forum errors and issues that you are experiencing. As we are swiftly working on these problems, we want to say that we highly value the Forum Bravo Community Forum and every single community forum member.

We have set up this thread so that every member can address any concerns, issues and questions about the forum. Please feel free to ask whatever you would like in regards to the forum; let us know what issues you are experiencing so we can work on resolving them as fast as possible. However, we stress that we would like constructive engagement, so please be specific about the issue you are experiencing.

Thank you for all of your patience and continued support.

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Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

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  • Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

    Hello to all of our northern neighbors,

    Due to the fact that a number of members have asked for a regional forum, we have made available this new forum for all of Canada. Thank you to Fornax hominus for being the proverbial straw that got this up and running. We welcome everyone to this forum and hope to hear from all of you very soon.
    This is a great way to get to know your neighbors for years to come.

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    Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

    Thanks, James, for setting this up. As a fornoholic, I'm building #2 on Vancouver Island, trying to improve on #1 in Calgary. The forums are always a tremendous help.


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      Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

      Thanks James for setting up this forum.

      I am interested to see who else has a WFO in my neck of the woods. I already know That's Amore. But who else is in the Sudbury Ontario area with a WFO or considering building one?

      Maybe we can organize WFO dinner parties?????
      Live life like you're dying....without going bankrupt


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        Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

        Though I do not live near you, I have recently completed my brick pizza oven. Last night was pizza night, the pizza was amazing, I stated that all the long hours and hard work weret, certainly worth it.

        I would like to make bread in my oven today, I need to purchase another thermometer to regulate the heat, do you have any tips on the bread making?


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          Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

          Hello Country Living,

          I just started baking bread this year and still a newbie at it. I just started baking what I liked to eat. I first tried Foccaccia which turned out good but I found it messy to work with and since my WFO is at my cottage/camp I don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning up a mess. Lately I have been baking french baguettes which are turning out very well. I tried to find the recipe I used on the net for you, however could not find that particular one again. I attached a couple of pics of my last batch.

          The one tip I did learn with baking bread is to keep the oil you use to coat the bowls for letting the dough to rise to a very minumum is you like your bread with a crispy crust.

          I do read alot of articles and books on baking in a WFO and they all recommend baking large batches of bread to keep the humidity level high in the oven. So the next time I will be baking baguettes it will be a huge batch.

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          Live life like you're dying....without going bankrupt


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            Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

            Thanks for setting up the regional forum.
            I was wondering if there were anymore wfo in Newfoundland?
            I know of a few commercial and few historic ovens but anyone on here have a personal one?


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              Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

              On Vancouver Island.
              I need to find out how many bricks are needed in a 42 inch dome?
              Foundation & concrete structure floor just poured. Waiting for first floor to cure before moving on to hearth. Vermiculite mix the only way to go? Does vermiculite really break down that much when using a mixer? Can hardly wait to have the finished oven.



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                Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

                Hi Cobbe hill

                On Page 67 of the FB plans it states 65 for the floor and 135 for the dome. I ordered 220 and at the end of constructing the dome I was short 4 bricks. So I purchased 6 more so that I have a couple of spares. So for me it was 224 bricks for a 42" high dome oven.

                I can't help you on you on you vermiculite question I used the FB board it was easier to install and my oven retains good heat for days.

                Good luck on your build.
                Live life like you're dying....without going bankrupt


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                  Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

                  Hand mix vcrete in wheel barrow, mixer too tough on mix.

                  Link to my Picasa Album


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                    Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

                    Thanks for the answers. Will check out FB Board. Have many pictures of the project and will post when it is up and running. Am sure I will have more questions.
                    Cobble Hill


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                      Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

                      Hi everyone.... I really don't know how Forums work let alone building a WFO. The reason for joining this forum is to get some insight before starting my adventure of building a pompeii oven in my back yard. I have no questions at this point but will over the next few months. My plan is to start building the oven in the spring. I live in wine country, Niagara on the Lake. If there is anyone in my area that has built one I would be interested in hearing from you.


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                        Re: Welcome to the new Canada Regional Forum

                        Hello fellow pizza lovers from Calgary,

                        Been wanting to build a pizza oven for several years now (found this site a few years back). Looking to start planning my WFO build this year. I'll be scouring this forum for information, tips, and ideas.

                        If mine works out, I have two friends that want version 2 & 3 at their houses

                        Looking forward to sharing with you all!


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                          Who sells WFO ovens in Vancouver? I don't really trust my skills when it comes to building one. I also need some advice on which model to choose. I planning on making 1 or 2 pizza's at a time and I would also like to bake artisan bread. Thanks. Tom