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WFO built into retaining wall

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  • WFO built into retaining wall

    Hi all,
    enjoy reading about other builds, I am 3/4 through my build. just got the header course over the mantle piece , render the dome and landscaping to be done.
    for years I have been growing weeds in this area, about 6 weeks ago I decided to grow some veges then a week later out with the veges and in with the oven.

    thanks to Forno Bravo, heaps of helpful info.
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    Re: WFO built into retaining wall

    Much better than a vege patch, smart looking set up. Instead of creating years of toil and disappointment as birds/pets/grubs/weeds invade your vegies you've got something which will supply great food and happiness.
    As an avid homebrewer I've always wondered why people bought/drank crownies, sitting on your trowel there I assume it is actually used as some sort of mortar additive ?
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      Re: WFO built into retaining wall

      The best of both worlds is having the veg garden near the WFO so you can get all of the fresh bits you need on the spot.

      Your oven is looking good.
      Cheers ......... Steve

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        Re: WFO built into retaining wall

        yeah the crownie is an additive but it doesn't go directly into the mortar.

        I am thinking of doing a vege / herb patch around the oven. maybe a couple of tomato plants and a variety of herbs growing around it.

        still trying to decide what colour to paint the surrounding retaining walls and need to brick up a bench to the left side of the oven.

        so much more work needs to be done. this weekend I am doing a second layer of render over the dome as I want it to be strong as some of it will be retaining soil. I will also be waterproofing after that render .
        plus I have some drainage going around it.



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          Re: WFO built into retaining wall

          Nice oven thanks for the show.
          You can't beat basil and its fresh and close... can't get fresher. Living in Brisbane it grows all year round and you can keep one plant going for ages if you careful. The trick is to pinch the leaves out at the top of the plant when you take them the plant is then forced to produce another branch and will bush up real fast. If you don't it will produce flowers and seeds from the tips and die in short time. You can leave one plant to go to seed and let the seed stem dry and crush up and sprinkle around for the next generation . The oversupply can be dried in you oven when the temp drops below 100C as well
          Regards dave
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            Re: WFO built into retaining wall

            cheers Dave for the tip
            keep em coming

            I was actually going to grow my own hops in this part of the garden, ( I also brew my own beer from grains) but the misses always on my back. won't be brewing beer for a while, not until I get the hang of cooking in the WFO


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              Re: WFO built into retaining wall

              Hi Softy

              Great build especially love the larger reveal and curved front of the entry wall. Nice touch.
              Cheers Colin

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                Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                yeah cheers oasis, being a brickie I had to try to be different


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                  Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                  done my last render coat and now I am waterproofing the dome
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                    Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                    It looks like the ideal site for a roof and the development of an outdoor kitchen. It may not be on the plans but I'll lay odds on it within a couple of years enjoyment of the oven.
                    Where outs in this great land are you as a shelter make a fantastic all weather, all year enjoyment area?


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                      Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                      But getting the hang of the oven goes best with beer.
                      Cheers Colin

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                        Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                        you aussie boys really know the real deal, turn it into a full on outdoor kitchen with a beer in the hand.
                        I am an aussie boy with Croatian heritage if you can't tell and I love a crownie,

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                          Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                          Great looking oven, Softly. Love the way it's set into that area. Which prompts a question...

                          My oven needs to be 450mm from the back wall (NSW rules) so I was going to backfill that gap up to just below the level of the hearth and kinda fit the whole thing into the landscaping which will run either side of the oven.

                          There have been comments about being very carefull about water wicking up the block walls into the hearth. Have to use a vapour barrier between the block wall and the concrete hearth and even between the hearth and the insulting layer. I read one post where someone hadalso used an additive in the concrete for the hearth which helped prevent water wicking through it.

                          Looks like you are going a step further than me and you're going to backfill around the actual dome. Do you see any potential problems? And if so, what did you do to counteract them?


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                            Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                            hi Wozza
                            my oven is getting tested out tonight here in Sydney, got plenty of rain about.
                            i concreted a channel around my dome around the concrete base level, water proofed it with silsec, a permanent waterproof, you mix 1 part silasec 5 parts cement 7 parts water and 1 part bondcrete, and then you paint it on, i done about 5 coats then i placed an ag line and the water drains nicely to the outlet.
                            i think because my concrete base is so deep into the ground, not much water shouldl get down that far and if any gets there it should drain to the bottom of the retaining wall.
                            about a month ago we had a fair bit of rain in Sydney and i didn't notice any water or moisture inside my oven at all.
                            i back filled my oven last weekend and planted a heap of herbs around it, over all i love it , its come up better than i thought it would.


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                              Re: WFO built into retaining wall

                              She is cooking great pizzas
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