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some tools to start with?

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  • some tools to start with?

    I been reading for weeks and the more i read the more my head spins some advice would be great.
    slow forged tools or whatever they called look great but it is getting little silly with prices.
    i have my heart set on one of the perforated peels but it would seem aussie prices are double? anyone knows what is the best (cheapest) way to get them?

    shovel i was looking for the bunnings $5 one as someone mentioned elsewhere but no such luck, what is next best option

    brush, hook, something to move coal around (really love the idea of that bent S shape but not at $160 a pop)

    IR thermometer that goes high enough


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    Re: some tools to start with?

    I made all of my tools except for one. The perforated peel. So if your handy or have a handy friend...make your own tools. They may not be as refined as the one's you purchase but if they get the job done...who cares. My floor mop is a towel screwed to a stick, works great and the price was better.


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      Re: some tools to start with?

      Hi Croc

      I had the same issue and decided to make my own. See my thread "making my own tools" . Sorry not sure how I link into post!

      It wasn't too difficult. I used stainless steel but you can use aluminium which will be cheaper again. Use what you have around the house/shed and look for offcuts/scraps. You get more satisfaction than buying the tools!



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        Re: some tools to start with?

        Hi croc

        Try fishpond.com.Au did a search on pizza peels it came up with heaps. Since I ess able to get my flue at a substantial discount could be worth a try. But making your own would be more rewarding like chaz has. Go to stainless fabricator and get some offcuts.
        Cheers Colin

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          Re: some tools to start with?

          Hey Croc

          Like people are saying, not difficult to make your own. I made mine from aluminium sheet from the scrap metal dealer. All new material just offcuts from the sheet metal fabricators. The shovels are at bunnings, right up in the back corner with some other wood fire tools. The aluminium works fine and the curved rake for pushing hot coals around works a treat. Mine is more sickle shaped rather than S shape.

          The infra-red thermometer can be found on ebay for a reasonable price as well. I think mine was $35 and it works fine.

          An afternoon in the shed will save you a motza.
          Cheers ......... Steve

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            Re: some tools to start with?

            I found my shovels at Bunnings in the broom, cleaning section, took ages to find them just go ask the person at the desk for small galvanised shovels they come in gal and black.
            Cheers Colin

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              Re: some tools to start with?

              Croc I just got an IR from Jaycar which works great.

              It's got the dual laser to help find the temp focus.point and it goes to 650 degrees celcius. Might be out of your budget at $100 but hey I saved money in other areas.

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                Re: some tools to start with?

                bloody hell, really pushy all of you
                so now i'm on to making my own tools, already visited couple of SS places and checked out broom sticks in bunnings
                IR i will get from ebay $30-40 for one that goes to 1000C i think it was.


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                  Re: some tools to start with?

                  is it worth getting 30:1 spot ratio IR thermometer or 10:1 will do just fine?

                  EDIT: scrap that, decided to spend little extra and get the 30:1 model with 1050C max
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