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Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area

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  • Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area

    Hi, I would like to track down a metal fabricator in the Adelaide area (preferably the Hills) to make the front opening arch support. Do any of you other Adelaidians know a good one? Also What is Poorman's mortar?

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    Re: Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area


    I believe they gang is talking about what us yanks call Homebrew
    3:1:1:1 sand, fireclay, lime, portland cement. It has been used quite a bit by builders in this forum. I used it in my build. Is it a topic of debate on the forum, just search for Homebrew and you get the answer.


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      Re: Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area

      Originally posted by billkidd View Post
      to make the front opening arch support.
      An arch is self supporting, having steel support anything in a wood oven is fraught with danger.
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        Re: Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area

        Thanks Al.


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          Re: Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area

          Thanks Russell, I'll have a look.


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            Re: Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area

            Hi billkidd,
            to me provided that you do it properly with room for the metal arch support to expand at a different rate than the surrounding refractory brickwork, I see no problems at all as I put in an arch supporting my oven, not to support the arch bricks, but to hinge the cast aluminium doors.
            I have pulled the pictures from my build or you can check them out at:


            the angle iron supports are a loose fit in a wider groove cut into the dome bricks and can move independently without problems.
            Where abouts in the Adelaide hills are you located?
            Almost any handy person with a hammer and welder can make one similar.


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              Re: Metal Fabrication Adelaide Area

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              Fabrication Melbourne