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best pizza wfo kit in aus?

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  • best pizza wfo kit in aus?

    well im in teh stages of building my oud door area (awaiting council approval for 6x6 entertainment area) and i wondering what kit i should go for.

    Robertos like simple and nice but doe snot answer phone or emails.

    Sydney fire bricks have been very helpfull and price seem decent.

    what would you guys do? i want to be able to cook 2 family sized pizzas at a time with our having to be a tetris champ to get them in there.

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    Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

    Originally posted by gros21 View Post

    what would you guys do?
    I would lay off the Fosters Seriously, isn't FB selling kits in your country? If you can afford one that's the fastest / easiest way to pizza.
    Check out my pictures here:

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      Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

      um i have a 2000-$2500 budget how ever i prefer a kit and build it myself to save money


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        Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

        Bunnings sell WFO kits $1600 for there large kit ,but I dont know the size of it or the quality
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          Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

          cheers for the tip cant find a $1600 model i have found there $999 kit and there $2600 kit (unless i have a $1000 premium cause im in rockhampton for fright)

          Our Range - Bunnings Warehouse

          Large Entertainer DIY KIT - Bunnings Warehouse

          now unless im wrong im 99.99% sure that the pics o fteh same unit and the cheaper unit has the wrong specs.


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            Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

            my research has found the $999 kit to be wrong if i bought it what would bunings do refund or replace with the bigger one?


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              Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

              just my view

              FB or BYO
              Go Forno Bravo as that's what helps this great resource exist
              Build your own as it will add to this great resource

              Bunnings ones.......I've cooked in one of these....first and last time for a whole range of reasons.

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              Build #2 (Current)


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                Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                Hi GROS

                I too looked at kits especially the ones from Bunnings. Amalfie ovens i believe they were. Glad i didnt go down that path as i would have been very disappointed. Glad i have gone down the BYO path.
                Cheers Colin

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                  Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                  I built one of these: Home -*DIY Woodfired Ovens*- DIY Woodfired Ovens

                  Did not have the skills or time to build one from scratch. If I was to do it again I would use the same kit, just do more insulation on the dome. I built the base out of Hebel which gives me good base insulation but I would probably use thicker floor tiles..... The squat dome works well and room for two pizzas easy.... The kit is good because the dome is very well made and is a great design but allows you to play with finishes etc... i found fb too expensive in oz....Check out my last post for some pics....


                  Good luck....



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                    Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                    I bought the DIY Bunnings one for $999 (It's $1600 if you want the same oven pre built...). they come from Mediterranean Woodfired Ovens and they review pretty well if you buy the ones directly from them (cost $250 more)and request the ones made in Australia. The ones from Bunnings are made in Asia and are fairly new so not much out in terms of reviews on the refractory material...

                    I only finished mine on the weekend but I can let you know how it goes over the next few months, it was pretty simple to do.

                    I would have loved to buy an FB one or build my own but given the price and time it just wasn't going to happen. I especially would have loved to support FB by buying their oven as I love this place. But, I tell everybody about them and refer people to them all the time so I kinda feel I'm doing my bit...

                    The next one however...

                    All the best,



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                      Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                      Could ask Be from Melbourne Fire Brick, hes a good guy. I got my gear from him but not a kit.
                      Melbourne Wood Fired Pizza Oven Kits. Build your own brick Pizza Oven!


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                        Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                        Yes his was from Ben.
                        Cheers Colin

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                          Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                          Hi gros21

                          I've a kit from Ben, he can provide all the materials and also does precutting of firebricks and floor tiles if you want.
                          See my build post#10 shows the kit unpacked, you get ply formwork for arches and fibreglass mould for top courses of oven plus a IT.
                          Also provided is mortar, calc sil boards, ceramic blanket, perlite, s/s flue pipe & cap & precast flue arch.
                          Also got a door and delivery to Adelaide for $2,450

                          I'm currently building stand and hope to start assembly of kit in early October.

                          Ben answers emails and follows up with phone calls in my dealings with him.

                          My Build - http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f51/...ide-19729.html
                          My Door - http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/9/sh...tml#post170496

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                            Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                            Its a great kit, and I look forward to your progress photos.
                            Cheers Colin

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                              Re: best pizza wfo kit in aus?

                              Ill second and third Bens kit, its a world beater.
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