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Pizza Progression

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  • Pizza Progression

    Hi Peter and crew:

    I just wanted to share our labor of love for 2010. I've spent 40+ years teaching myself how to cook just about everything (My mother's English palette was . . . . well, you probably get the picture!). But the past few years I've been fascinated by artisan breads, authentic pizza and ovens which enhance and add that rustic touch to the culinary experience. Of course I've acquired several of Peter's books along the way in addition to a few other celebrated authors who dabble in bread and pizza making. I have attempted to produce those exceptional results on my hearthstone set on the oven convection feature at full heat as well as attempting to place my hearthstone on our infrared grill set at the highest temperature, but it doesn't quite yield the same results.

    This year my husband and I decided to embark on a backyard adventure of our own and decided to use Kiko Denzer as our guide/ mentor (via his book "Build Your Own Earth Oven"). We didn't completely follow his path as he seems to appreciate using nature's wonders, radically reducing cost involved. The primary reason was because I didn't want an eyesore in the back corner of our yard. Our baby is 90% complete as we'll complete any cosmetic touches and add new life to the surrounding yard we destroyed next spring as it warms up. I wanted to share some of the passion you have helped inspire during your journey!

    Welcome to Facebook

    A true fan of yours . . . . .


    Karen Kesting

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    Re: Pizza Progression

    VERY NICE ! Great design, very rustic. I noticed some exterior dome cracking, are you noticing much heat loss?


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      Re: Pizza Progression

      What a wonderful resource to have! Congrats on completing your project. Now that it's finished, your journey as only just begun!



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        Re: Pizza Progression

        Originally posted by mn8tr View Post
        VERY NICE ! Great design, very rustic. I noticed some exterior dome cracking, are you noticing much heat loss?

        No, not at all. The cracks in the dome are typical of ovens made from clay (from our backyard). We'll do some basic touch-ups and cosmetic accents next Spring as it warms up.


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          Re: Pizza Progression

          Thank you John . . . we've had a blast creating and building our own design. Have only started to really use it since it was completed so late in the year here (in Idaho), but can tell you the results are phenomenal. In addition to pizza, we've baked bread, roasted a chicken, potatoes and made corned beef so far. Can't beat the results!


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            Re: Pizza Progression


            Thanks for getting in touch! This is great. Post a few pictures in my Gallery Thread! I can't wait to do one of these some day.