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Welcome from Peter

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  • Welcome from Peter

    Hi Pizza Quest Members and All Others too,
    This area of the Forno Bravo Forum is dedicated to Pizza Quest related matters, including questions and answers, sharing of ideas, tips, tricks, leads for tools and ingredients, best pizza finds, and on and on. I may jump in only from time to time, so if anyone poses a technical question, whether about dough or pizza technique, please pose it to the group, not just to me. If any reader has a suggestion or response to that question, feel free to share it. If I see any misinformation or bad advice, I'll try to address it, but I can't promise that I'll be on top of everything--I'll be focused primarily on developing new copy for the Pizza Quest website and won't be able to be the so-called "Answer Man," though I'll try my best to offer ideas when I can. But I'm also confident that the cumulative wisdom of our community will be the most helpful of all, so let's keep sharing.
    The main rules of this Forum are the same as for Forums in general: no bashing, no foul language, and a general tone of civility. We're all in this together and are building a community of like-minded pizza freaks and lovers of artisanship, so let's demonstrate that in our communications. I look forward to seeing where it all leads and expect to learn as much from you as you hope to learn from me. Onward....

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    Re: Welcome from Peter

    Welcome, Mr. Reinhart.

    This venture should prove to be interesting, educational and fun for all of us.



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      Re: Welcome from Peter

      Sounds good, I look forward to your insight and input.


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        Re: Welcome from Peter

        And welcome aboard Peter.
        We have around 175 members that have contributed to the forum from "Down Under" and as an ex educator, we will all learn something through this new endevour. Some more than others.
        I for one look forward to every one's input.


        Prevention is better than cure, - do it right the first time!

        The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know

        Neillís Pompeiii #1
        Neillís kitchen underway


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          Re: Welcome from Peter

          Welcome Peter your arrival here has certainly upped the ante on the board. This is kind of like a Master Class now - members beavering away .. with you [virtually] looking over our shoulders ;-)... Fantastic...
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          / Rossco


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            Re: Welcome from Peter

            Saw your first video and really liked it. It was well made and got me thinking how to be more seasonable and how to get my son who likes gardening (and like to cook and eat) to think more about from "vine to pizza!"
            Jen-Aire 5 burner propane grill/Char Broil Smoker

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              Re: Welcome from Peter

              If I can use the words "simple" and "dough" in the same sentence. Could someone direct me to a simple dough recipe. I have not quite grasped the whole concept of percentages of hydration etc. Cups and teaspoons please


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                Re: Welcome from Peter

                5 cups bread flour
                1/4 oz ADY yeast (one small package)
                1 tablespoon salt
                1 tablespoon sugar
                3-3 1/2 cups water

                Put the yeast the sugar and 1 cup of warm water in a container, mix and let proof for 10 minutes.

                Add the salt to the yeast water, stir and pour into the flour along with 2 more cups water. Hand mix and add water as needed until the dough starts to pull away from the edges. It will still be very wet. Let it rise in a warm place for an hour or so to double.

                Dump it out on a heavily floured table and fold it 7 times, form into a ball, divide into 6 parts (for 12" pies), ball and it is ready to be used after another hour or 4 rise, or put it into the fridge for up to a week.

                You can't get much simpler than that.
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                  Re: Welcome from Peter


                  The last shows it after 24 hours in the fridge.
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                    Re: Welcome from Peter

                    Copied, pasted, printed and ready to go cook. To bad I have to work all day.

                    Thanks "T" this looks pretty "goof proof"


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                      Re: Welcome from Peter

                      Hi Peter!

                      Glad to have you actively on Forno Bravo!

                      Dough here in San Antonio continues to be my favorite pizzaria. He continues to find great, new combinations and ingredients as you saw when we visitied his place last year.

                      Doug has been visiting VPN pizzarias all over the US and meeting their owners during the past year and is building up quite a knowledge of the WFO pizzaria population in the US. Look forward to having you come back out west.

                      Bake On!


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                        Re: Welcome from Peter

                        I just got Baker's Apprentice from the library 2 days ago. Welcome!
                        Last edited by Tman1; 12-21-2010, 01:48 PM.
                        My oven (for now):


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                          Re: Welcome from Peter

                          Hi Peter,
                          Can I have your autograph, welcome. Looking forward to your insights.
                          Our Facebook Page:http://www.facebook.com/pages/Stoneh...60738907277443


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                            Re: Welcome from Peter


                            after reading the reviews of your books, I am even more psyched about this endeavor. So much so that I just bought The Bread Baker's Apprentice.

                            When will we see some more material??
                            Jen-Aire 5 burner propane grill/Char Broil Smoker

                            Follow my build Chris' WFO


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                              Re: Welcome from Peter

                              Welcome aboard!
                              My Oven Thread: