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substituting king Arthur for caputo

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  • substituting king Arthur for caputo

    can you bake at high temperatures using king Arthur sir lancelot. i was under the impression that it will burn in a wfo over 750 degrees

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    Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

    I have used KA Sir Lancelot with no problems. I can't imagine a real world basis for it being any different (burning wise) than any other flour at proper hydration.


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      Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

      i thought the malted barley helped browning and it is not present in caputo. this is why caputo only works at the high temperatures of a wood oven


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        Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

        I have learned that OO is only for high temp...but you know..it is not that forgiving...I find that if the oven is not hot enough it wont brown...obviously...but at the higher temp you have to be more accurate with oven control.. I have tried a few round at about 600 with a combination of bread flour and all purpose... even tried some high gluten...they seem a lot more forgiving and easier to work with. I know that the 00 is the real way..but you know...we really like the other way. too


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          Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

          yes, i know 00 only works at hi temp. i wonder if it is necessary to over proof king Arthur to make it work at 750 degrees


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            Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

            Not necessary. Give it 2 days rise in the refig.,,, take it out at least 3hrs before you want to eat. Do not re-shape the balls if they have a lot of small air bubbles in them.


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              Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

              The other Way is The Way!
              You do not need 00...

              You need More heat!
              Check out what pizzeria bianco has to compete with..
              It's all about the PIZZA!


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                Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                seriously ...would you mind sharing recipe( flour type) and procedure as well as oven temp
                thanks ...still plenty of time to experiment during this hot summer weather in the north east
                I will send pictures of my results


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                  Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                  I use KA exclusively, the bread flour. I have not tried Sir Lancelot. I found that I actually preferred KA to Caputo.
                  IMO, hydration and handling are much bigger pieces of the puzzle than flour.
                  Until I went sourdough, I used the "standard" IDY dough recipe found on this site with excellent results. I like my oven/hearth AT LEAST 750F for pizzas. That is on the cooler end of where I like things, actually.
                  I outlined my sourdough procedure here: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f10/...ust-12653.html
                  There are several other great threads on the subject in the pizzas category as well.

                  Here's one from my last firing...carmelized onion, chevre, rosemary, yum. With my sourdough crust as described in the link above.

                  Keep cooking and experimenting and be the keenest observer you can at all stages of dough and pizza making. I still learn something every time I do dough and fire my oven.
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                    Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                    pictures seem to be broken. here is a link:
                    July5th2010pizza on Flickr - Photo Sharing!


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                      Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                      Fantastic coloring on that crust splatgirl! Proof positive that KA bread flour (at least when made in you sourdough procedure) colors up and cooks just fine at high pizza temps.

                      I've done your sourdough procedure twice with KA bread flour in 700-800 deg with results as fine as Caputo. I still mix it and do both. I still have half my 50 lb bag of caputo to finish off before it gets old. When the bag is finished, I'll probably only occasionally buy a small bag of Caputo and stick to KA. We'll see...
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                        Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                        Great looking pie, S.G.!

                        I too use KA bread flour most of the time. I have used Sir Lancelot for bread and did not find the extra gluten beneficial in my limited tests - too chewy in my recipes. I never made pizza crust with Sir Lancelot but at 14.2 percent protein vs 12.7 percent for KA bread flour, it would certainly invite some recipe modification if you didn't want super chewy crust.

                        Bake On!


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                          Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                          Thanks guys. That was my pie of vindication following the tragedy of WFO pizza at that place in D.C. the week before.

                          I think what was/is nice about Caputo is that it gives a good balance between chewy and tender. Too far on the tender side of things for me, but that part is all in the eye of the beholder..er...eater. And it's also much easier to push Caputo over the edge into tough. From my kitchen, a KA bread flour dough gives a wee bit more chew without being tough, which I like.

                          Honestly, I think the idea that only certain types of flour work/brown properly in a WFO is mostly a big bunch of nonsense. That piece is 99% about heat management, dough hydration and method, IME. I can and have gotten just as lovely looking a pie from any number of flours including whatever generic stuff I've found on the grocery store shelf in a pinch.


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                            Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                            Jay, Splatgirl
                            What temp is the fridge that you're parking the dough in? I found that my fridge is running warmer than I'd like and it explains the over proofing that I've seen in my last batch.


                            PS I'm pretty sure that the condenser isn't suppose to include a blanket of cat fur and other un-mentionables so I've removed it.

                            PSS It was at 50 and should be below 40. I'll keep my eyes on it for a while.
                            Last edited by SCChris; 07-14-2010, 04:42 PM.


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                              Re: substituting king Arthur for caputo

                              Mine is set at 36F. When we were comparing notes in another thread I think I recall Jay said his is 34F.

                              SO familiar with the cat fur blanket.