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Clam Pizza

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  • Clam Pizza

    I finally got around to making one of the famous New Haven, Ct. clam pies.
    Just delicious !
    I shucked about 25 small littleneck clams (for 2 pies) and chopped them up a bit
    Spread the clams around the pie, drizzle some of the clam juices, some chopped garlic, some oregano, a drizzle of oil, and 60 seconds later...heaven !

    For my finale' desert pizza...mandolin slices of ripe peaches and pears, in the oven and a slight drizzle of vanilla syrup.

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    Re: Clam Pizza

    I love seafood pizza! You can also sprinkle a little chopped arugula on top.
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      Re: Clam Pizza

      Aren't you supposed to also add some parmesan cheese to a white clam pizza?


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        Re: Clam Pizza

        I knew I forgot something when I was posting earlier...

        Sprinkle about 2 tablespoons of coarse grated Pecorino cheese on top...


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          Re: Clam Pizza

          Since reading your post I have been doing some research on the New Haven White Clam Pizza or Apizza as the locals call it. I am really excited to try it out for a small group this Friday. Some recipes call for the Picorino cheese and others list parmesan. Maybe I will try both. I bet it would also be good with some anchovies as well. I called my grocery store and they do carry fresh short neck clams! Thanks for the great idea!


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            Re: Clam Pizza

            Euwww, sounds horrible right now. I love clams too. I'm coming back and reading this post before dinner tomorrow.

            Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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              Re: Clam Pizza

              I heard the #1 ingredient on Pizza in Japan was calamari...but I have yet to try it that way!
              sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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                Re: Clam Pizza

                Being raised near New Haven and now living in California, I've been making White Clam Pizza at home for years. Drained Gortons minced clams are a good quick substitute for chopped fresh clams should you be unable to secure them. I saw that James likes a little Arugula on top but may I suggest somne thinly sliced fresh tomatoes. Put the parmesan or pecorino over top of the tomatoes. As an fyi, I use a blend of Parmesan and Asiago.



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                  Re: Clam Pizza

                  I haven't tried it with clams but I use a white sauce made from finely chopped sauteed onions and garlic (sauteed in butter) and finished with cream and thyme that should be seriously good with clams. And yes I would put a hard grated cheese on it (parme, asiago,etc.)