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Freezing dough - shape

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  • Freezing dough - shape

    Do y'all freeze your dough in a ball or do you roll it out first and freeze it like you're about to add toppings?


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    Re: Freezing dough - shape

    They start out as a ball but within a minute or two they spread out into a thick disc and freeze in that position. 1-2 hrs on the counter to thaw and reach room temp and your good to go. Not sure how long you can keep frozen, 1-2 wks and the dough is fine; I went a month in the freezer one time - didn't go so well, there was no "poof" of the cornice and the crust was much less airy and very dense.



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      Re: Freezing dough - shape

      I let the container determine the shape of the dough. I use these "disposable" containers:

      for both cold storage and freezing, if I don't use them in a few days.

      You don't want to stretch out your pizza skins before storage. They'll stick together and be a big mess.
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        Re: Freezing dough - shape

        Brilliant! Thanks!