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"Alsatian Tarte" or "Flammenkuchen" recipes? - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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"Alsatian Tarte" or "Flammenkuchen" recipes?

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  • "Alsatian Tarte" or "Flammenkuchen" recipes?

    Flamenkuchen is a crazy-good pizza-like dish prevalent in the NE of France (Alsace) and I've also had it once in Germany. It has a very thin, "lavosh-like" crust; a creme fraiche sauce; and toppings ranging from traditional ham & leeks to mushrooms and more.

    I'd love to have a good recipe for the crust. I've used partially-cooked deli-style lavosh, with decent results (putting the toppings on the cooked side) but I'm looking for more authenticity.

    I did find the following but would appreciate anyone who has made it, posting up.

    Originally posted by Marcel View Post
    Flammen = flames,

    Kuchen = cake

    But the so called "cake" is not en flambe'. It is just baked golden brown. Here is one recipe, but don't expect anything sweet!


    Yeast Paste

    250 g flour
    150 ml cream
    100 ml sour cream
    1 egg


    Mix flour with salt, dissolve yeast in lukewarm water (50 ml).
    Mix it with the flour until you have a firm past.
    Roll the paste out in a grease pan, the ends up a little.
    Mix the cream, sour cream, and egg.
    Pour it on the paste and put bacon and onions on it.

    Put the pan in the 'cold' oven.
    Bake it for 15 min at 150 C (300 F) and then
    15 min at 200C (400F).
    It should be golden brown

    Recipe by: Ursula Cote

    (M) Sorry to steal your thunder, Alf, but when dmun said,
    "sure, I'll bite", I figured he was hungry!

    Guten appetite,

    Thanks in advance