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Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

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  • Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)


    Not one to recommend something but I found a product that makes transferring pizzas to the metal peel a piece of cake.

    Problem (especially if you don't have a good working surface outside).
    When making pizzas I found they stick to the wood peel or surface I'm working on. It's almost impossible to get them unstuck without using a ton of flour...

    Solution - The Superpeel
    It's basically a wood pizza peel with a piece of cheesecloth that wraps around it enabling you to "push" pizza and other items off/on like a little conveyor belt.

    How I use it
    I shape my dough
    Transfer my dough to the superpeel
    Build my pizza (no rushing is needed) on the superpeel
    Sprinkle a little flour on my FB metal peel
    Transfer the pizza to the FB peel from the Superpeel and slide it in the oven.

    You can't use it to put pizza directly in the oven due to needing 2 hands to operate it

    I actually ordered another one so I can build/load in two pizzas back to back. I may not have use for them once I get my granite countertop but this works great until then.

    If interested you can search "Superpeel" on Yahoo. (I found a better deal on Ebay.)

    Maybe James can work out a deal to carry these on the FB site?


    aka Thebadger

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    Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

    I was thinking about making my own "superpeel"

    This would be a peel with a few holes drilled in the surface all connected via hose to a small compressed air cylinder.

    As one places the peel in the oven you can pull the trigger and compressed air will blow up under the peel, releasing the pie from the peel and smoothly transferring the pizza to the oven floor. If we angled the holes it would actually blow it off the peel.... hmmmm

    I suppose the handle of the peel could be a bicycle pump....

    Crazy idea - I better lay off the wine for a while...

    My oven progress -


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      Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

      I'm gonna make one when I get home.

      I'll use my air compressor as the air source.

      It should make fun video!!!

      My oven progress -


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        Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

        That has got to be one of the craziest ideas I've ever heard. Build one and show us some video!

        EDIT: Posted at the same time as your last post. Now you have to show us.


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          Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

          I would love to see the video on this. I can just imagine using too much air and suddently the pizza is shot up to the top of your oven..kinda reminds me of all the gum and things stuck to the ceiling in some of the classrooms in high school.


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            Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

            Maybe this should be s separate thread, But where does everyone store all the "needed" implements? I've just started and already I have three peels, a brush and a rake. (And in the offing a long curved metal piece maybe 2 " high to move coals and ashes sideways...saw in in a youtude video in some 3rd world country and it looked like a great idea).

            But enough, where do all of you store these necessary bits? I was thinking some sort of rack like a circular pool cue rack, but what about the grills, racks, tongs, etc.? Ideas anyone? Or what you are doing with all the stuff...

            Thanks, Wiley


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              Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

              Originally posted by Wiley View Post
              But enough, where do all of you store these necessary bits? I was thinking some sort of rack like a circular pool cue rack, but what about the grills, racks, tongs, etc.? Ideas anyone? Or what you are doing with all the stuff...

              Thanks, Wiley
              Hey Wiley,

              Check out the info on this thread;


              A full discussion on oven tool storage...



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                Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

                Thanks Jed, I'll follow that thread.


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                  Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

                  I was going to post a new thread on this but instead revived this old one.

                  I have been making gas grill stone hearth (WFO is on my to-do list!) now for years and my CIA trained brother just sent me this product - superpeel.

                  Even as someone who likes traditional stuff, I have to say it has superbly improved my pizza making. It is a wooden peel with a sort of conveyor belt that moves a cotton cloth under the pizza without disturbing it. Because of the nature of the design and with proper manipulation, the cloth does not move at all with respect to the pizza. I use a french pin to roll a ball of dough as thin as I can get it on a smooth counter top surface using flour to prevent sticking of the dough. I make the dough a little wet (maybe 70%) so that the extra flour brings it to a normal ratio.

                  Try and keep it unstuck to the work surface, but the superpeel can compensate for a little stickiness. Next with the ultra thin crust, I add ingredients and while I am a light-on-crust-light-on-toppings kind of pizza baker, I find that moderately piled pizzas can still be quite easily picked up with the superpeel even if the ingredients have begun to leak through the dough a bit. You can pick up pizzas that would have been impossible without the superpeel.

                  The unloading is reverse of the loading process as the cloth does not move with respect to the dough surface, allowing a smooth unloading 100% of the time in my experience. No more finding out that you left the dough on the peel too long or left the dough on the counter too long and it is now stuck and finding your ingredients strewn all over your oven as the unloading can be as slow or fast as you want.

                  There are a couple of youtubes about it. One is about 5 minutes and this is 4min 30 sec too long and the guy doesn't have a very nice looking pizza, but you will get the idea.

                  Would love to hear the experience of others with this product. You could probably make your own, but probably not worth the trouble. Get one - creates many new possibilities for pizza creation.


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                    Re: Superpeel (transferring pizza to the peel)

                    I have the super peel and love it. I make the pie right on the super peel, and have never had a sticking problem, even when the pie sits on the peel for 5 or 10 minutes. I am using a high hydration ( around 80% hydration, 100% whole wheat) and can't say enough nice things about it.