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Pizza falling apart

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  • Pizza falling apart

    I am having problems with my pizza falling apart when I try to put in in the oven. How thick are people making there crust? Has anyone used a pizza screen in there oven to keep the pizza from falling apart? Also I live in Sacramento Calif can someone suggest a good WFO cooking class in Northern Calif. Also is it helpful to buy the pre made pizzas to practice cooking in our ovens? Next question I want to cook a turkey in my oven next week any tips on how to prepare it and cook it? How long? What temp? etc. Lask questions next week I am going to have 30 to 40 14 and 15 year old girls at our house for a pizza party. To avoid a big mess in the kitchen having the girls making there own pizza, I was going to use the Boboli pizza crust and have then just do there toppings then cook them in the WFO is this a good idea? Thanks for any help you can give me .

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    Re: Pizza falling apart

    You may have to drive a couple hours but I believe Forno Bravo (James can discuss this one better. Maybe email him as well, or call FB directly. I believe they have full day courses.
    An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

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      Re: Pizza falling apart

      Not so sure about the Boboli crust in a WFO. Not being rude, but really - what is the point? Seems like a waste of a good firing. Prebaked crust is only going to be so good...no matter where it is finish baked/heated.
      If you do, I would think that based on those crusts being pretty thick, you would need to go with a lower hearth temp - to be sure it heats clear through without burning. Instead of 700-800 degrees, drop to the 500-600 range.
      Come on, show those teanagers a thing or two about REAL pizza, enlighten their pallets. If you pick a good assistant and limit their choices, you can pull this off and look really cool working your WFO.



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        Re: Pizza falling apart

        RT, I agree. Needs to start with the one hour type oven, have fun, then decide if the real deal may be more exciting.
        An excellent pizza is shared with the ones you love!

        Acoma's Tuscan:


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          Re: Pizza falling apart

          Another suggestion: I started off with really small Pizzas to gain confidence and worked my way up to the bigger ones.

          So make your own dough (it tastes sooo much better!), but only make 1.5" or 2" balls out of it. After resting, they will make cute little 4-5" pizzas.

          ...ok, with 30-40 teenagers wanting to be fed, that would make for quite a lot of work, although smaller Pizzas do cook faster than big ones. But for practicing pizza making I found it a good approach.
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            Re: Pizza falling apart

            Hey Doug, I would say no to premade pizza and double no to boboli personally. If you went to all the trouble of a wood fired oven, you have to get comfortable with it. I think I would make up a batch of dough and practice loading and unloading the peel. The big problem that I had at first was trying to form the dough on the peel. I form the dough (make the dough ball into a flat pizza disk) on a large cutting board dusted with flour first. Then I slide the dough onto a lightly floured pizza peel (some folks use rice flour, it may stick less with that, I have also found that my aluminum peel is easier to work with than my wooden ones). Then I put sauce and minimal toppings on, being careful to work quickly and not press down on the dough, don't want it to stick to the peel. Then before I try to load it into the oven, I will shake the peel to be sure the pizza is moving back and forth a little...

            It does take some practice, and you WILL dump a few pizzas.

            Again, the biggest problems I see are pressing the dough to the peel and putting too many toppings on...

            Keep practicing...

            Now, on another note, 30-40 15 year old girls, are you nuts?
            I would get some help with that party. One person to make pizzas and other to cook them...

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              Re: Pizza falling apart

              Not sure what you mean by falling apart. If it is sticking, then everyone is right on. You have to work quickly when putting on the toppings and always shake, shake, shake.

              If you mean the dough is coming apart, then you have not worked up enough gluten. The dough should be very supple and stretchy, where it will not tear easily.

              Forget about pre made dough. It is waste in a WFO. All of the store bought doughs are made for conventional ovens. The first time my sister came over, she thought it would be smart to buy some pre-made doughs from Central Market (high end grocery). For sake of experimentation I used them after we had made all of my pizzas. Even only hlaf baked, the bread got pretty burned trying to melt the topping. What a waste of time.

              Drake is 100&#37; right on, get some help. Have cooked for a large number of family and you need one person getting the dough ready, one to cook, and one to coordinate the kids. Would recommend starting with some large pizzas or premade pepperoni rolls (since you can load up a couple of dozen at a time) so that some won't have to wait a long time for food. In my 42" I have had 4 kid size small pizza going at a time wittout issue.
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                Re: Pizza falling apart

                Might I respectfully suggest that PIZZAPOLICE is the number one draft pick needed to keep all those kids in line and fed.

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