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Prepping toppings for WFO pies

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  • Prepping toppings for WFO pies

    Hi All,

    Super new to high temp baking and I was hoping to get a few tips on toppings.

    We're having family over Sunday and I'm going to be making some pies. The topping request have been pretty standard but one request has me a little unsure.

    Spinach, Mushroom, and Pineapple

    Cooking at 600-700 degrees, i'm thinking the pineapple will be ok, but any suggestion on prepping the mushroom and spinach?

    Should I put a light saute on either or both of these or just go raw? Maybe go under the cheese with the spinach?

    I'm sure a lot of this comes down to taste, but the last thing I want to do is pull a beautifully cooked crust and have the toppings be way off.

    Any tips would be appreciated!

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    Re: Prepping toppings for WFO pies

    I would leave the spinach and shrooms raw as my personal preference


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      Re: Prepping toppings for WFO pies

      never used spinach
      but shrooms I use raw
      They release a fair bit of moisture though so go easy. (taste great though)


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        Re: Prepping toppings for WFO pies

        I use sliced mushrooms and pineapple but have not done the spinach. The more cooking it needs then the closer to the heat it needs to be.
        Cheers ......... Steve

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          Re: Prepping toppings for WFO pies

          My favorites...

          Mushrooms: I use sliced raw mushrooms, sprinkle of good salt (my choice is Maldon), some shredded cheese, and a drizzle of EVOO. Adding some caramelized onions with the mushrooms really steps up the flavor here.

          Pineapple: Use smaller pieces, patted dry, and placed above sausage (or other toppings) so remaining juice drips down a bit as they get a little caramelized color & flavor.

          Spinach: Pretty sturdy leaves, but like sliced mushrooms...drizzle of EVOO, sprinkle of good salt, shredded/chunked cheese or pinched pieces of Mozzarella, and a final drizzle of EVOO is all you need. (I would caution against putting more than a single layer of spinach leaves on, simply because it can make it a bit more messy to eat...like those salads that have huge pieces that need to be cut up first...you don't want the whole top of your slice to come off with your first bite.)

          Take some grape tomatoes, cut in half, season with salt & pepper, EVOO drizzle and roast in the oven (I use a 1/4 sheet pan or steel skillet) for a few minutes before you start doing pizzas. Sprinkle a few of these roasted gems on top of the pies as they go in the oven to add little extra flavor & color...yum!

          And remember there really isn't a bad pizza, there just are some you won't do again
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