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Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

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  • Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

    I tried this last night and it was a disaster. The egg was still totally raw when the pizza was getting way past done. even leaving the pizza in the oven until the crust was totally charred, the egg yolk was still totally raw.

    any idea how to do this so that the egg yolk sets a little in the same time that it takes the pizza? I am not looking for a cooked yolk, I know it is supposed to be very runny, but this was totally uncooked.

    Maybe a lower over temp than I am used to for cooking pizza?

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    Re: Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

    Try smaller eggs. Ours are usually extra large, try to find small eggs. I can only find medium in my market. Also, make sure the eggs are room temperature when you use them.
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      Re: Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

      Like Drake says room temp is important, also ensure that it is directly on top of the base not on top of any other toppings. I put eggs on mine all the time without any probs they usually cook perfectly.
      On that note a little pizza receipe for you; on a tomato base a ring of spinach, garlic oil, marinated oilves and mozzzarella with an egg in the middle topped with basil. YUM!


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        Re: Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

        For those unused to egg-on-pizza technique, don't try to crack the egg on it before you peel it into the oven. The raw egg will end up on the oven floor. You need to spoon it onto the pizza immediately after it's placed. This, combined with the fact that you need the lowest temperature possible in a WFO means that you want to place your "pizza con l'uovo" as close to the door as you can.
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          Re: Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

          FWIW, I put them on the pizza before they go into the oven with no problem. Three per pizza. Just gotta be a little more careful with the peel action going in.

          1. the smallest eggs you can get
          2. the FRESHEST eggs you can get. The older the egg, the less cohesive the white becomes and the more it wants to run all over the place.
          3. Big active fire. You want lots of dome heat.

          If the pizza cooks before the egg is done enough, hold it up into the dome for a few extra seconds or pull it into the cooler flue area. Or break the yolk and spread it out a little bit if you want all the way cooked. You could also try par cooking the eggs first. I'm picturing a VERY long handled spoon (like a big food service spoon only with twice that length handle...?) with egg held into the oven for a few seconds before the pizza goes in and then proceeding as dmun describes...

          What do you use for a spoon, dmun?


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            Re: Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

            What do you use for a spoon, dmun?
            I just used a big stainless kitchen spoon with an oven mitt. Just did it for a party on request: I don't even like eggs that much.
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              Re: Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

              I'd like to try this.. I can get small and fresh eggs.. REALLY fresh eggs! I've got about 30 chickens running around (12 less than 8 months so they lay smaller eggs). Surprisingly they stay away from the oven but love to take 'dust baths' in the firepit close by.
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                Re: Egg on pizza, aka Bismarck

                Here is a trick for you to get your eggs 100% nice on your pizza:
                Make half-boiled eggs.
                It is easy, and you can make and keep as many as you want for making your pizzas all night long:

                Put the eggs in a container (stainless steel or Pyrex) pour hot boiling water into the container just up to the point of having the eggs submersed, and leave them that way—no the eggs will not become hardboiled eggs.

                When your pizza is ready, crack the egg on it…Voila!
                No raw eggs and no hard eggs; just on the right point.