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Just got my caputo flour

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  • Just got my caputo flour

    My order of Caputo pizza flour has just arrived and im ready to get started...i don't have the money for a wbo so i will be using my large big green egg with a bge plate setter and a bge pizza stone ...i have read the recipe for the pizza dough and have made 2 pizzas with just the pizza stone and all purpose flour...and they were awesome...
    Any suggestions and hints will be more than welcome...i will be using a kitchen aid to mix the dough...im originally from
    hyde park in Chicago and we have some of the best pizza in the country...but im in georgia now and am leaning towards the thinnner crust fast wbo pizzas to try on for size ...we have no good pizza here and my 2 first try pizzas were better than anything papa john or pizza hut have delivered by 10 miles...

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    Re: Just got my caputo flour

    i will be using a standard kitchen aid stand mixer to mix and kneed the dough...and will be using the big green egg to cook them...any hints tips or advise are more than welcome.


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      Re: Just got my caputo flour

      There have been several reports from fella's having great success with the pizza stone.

      I think the only real 'secret' is to get every thing as hot as possible. The Italian specification for the pizza in the oven is to use a temp. of 905 degree's F. I think most of us are content with temps a bit less than that, but the idea is to get the heat into the pizza - so using the stone will help: using the Egg should do a great job: and get your heat number high!

      Good luck with it, be sure to take pictures and report the results. What flavors of pizza will you be cooking?



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        Re: Just got my caputo flour

        I wanna try a version of a white clam and of course a traditional tomato and mozzerella...one of these first pivvas will be anchobie..tomato basil galic and cheese.


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          Re: Just got my caputo flour

          Hey Zoomatl,

          Did you download the FB wood-fired pizza eBook? The dough section has some good ideas that translate to pizza stone pizza. High hydration and gentle dough handling are good basics -- and if you have the budget, get a digital scale. You can control your water, yeast and salt that way. Make sure you have a nice skin on your dough balls before you proof them. That will give you dough ball the structure to expand nicely.

          Also, make sure that the outer edges of your pizza base isn't too thick. I have found that a really big cornicione can be too chewy and too doughy -- it can puff up like a Bialy.

          Finally, make sure your stone is as hot at you can get it. Set your oven to 550F and give it at least 45 minutes to heat up. Use convection if you have it.

          Have fun and let us know how it goes. Better yet -- take photos.
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            Re: Just got my caputo flour

            Well i began making the pizza dough at about 9pm last night... i printed out the pizza dough recipe from the e-book i downloaded ....i then laid out all of the ingredients...i went step by step and was pleased to find the results looked exactly like the pictures...i let the dough rise for about 1.5 hrs and it had doubled in size...i proceeded with the recipe and the dough balls are resting nicely in the fridge until later tonight ...Now im headed to whole foods and harrys farmers market to get some fresh ingredients and the San Marzano tomatoes ...Ill take pictures of my Big green egg with the place setter and pizza stone set up and pics of the pizzas.....cant wait ...!!!


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              Re: Just got my caputo flour

              Im excited to see pictures of your big green egg pizza. I have seen those grills and they are really cool. Your project reminds me of my first pizza "oven". I used some fire bricks in an old webber. Melted the handles right off of it in the process, my dad was less then pleased. But I think he enjoyed the pizza. Good luck on your adventure!