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Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008 - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community



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Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

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  • Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

    So the company I am working for is sending me off to Washington DC right after we start daylight savings. Getting there on the 10 and leaving on the 13th. No time to tour :-( business trip.

    Question is, Can I hit 5 pizza joints in less than 3 evenings? Will be working near the Smithsonian Avaition Museum on the Mall and staying near the airport on the water, close to the metro station...

    in no particular order:

    Two Amys - 3715 Macomb St NW
    Red Rocks - 1036 Park Rd NW
    Matchbox - 713 H St NW
    Ella's Wood Fired Pizza - 901 F St NW
    Pizzeria Paradiso - 2029 P St NW

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    Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

    Two lunches and three dinners, will need to revisit one or two of them if you arrive early and leave late. Out daughter went to Georgetown Law and lived by Dupont Circle for two years so we have made many visits to Pizzeria Paradiso in the past. It's a small place and you will probably wait for a table as long as you will be at the table. You wouldn't mind standing up while you have your first 1-3 drinks- you said it was company business.
    I'm wondering if it is a little early for cherry blossoms there?? If not you love that view.

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      Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

      Take the subway, the Metro - I think its called. You'll never get all that done in heavy traffic. Sounds like fun. Take some pics and give us a report.
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        Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

        oh yeah definately taking the tube. There are a couple of folks who have made Google overlays of the tube routes and stops. very handy


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          Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

          If you need a break from Pizza's (Blasphemy) try Jaleo's for Tapas - last time I was there it was great!
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            Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

            looks like no pics as the wife will have the camera. Will be working across the street from the Smithsonian Aviation museaum. Might pop my head in during the lunch break and say - yeaah that a plane - nothing safe about it


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              Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

              Pizza Paradiso is my favorite. Unfortunately there is no Metro stop in Georgetown but worth a walk or taxi ride. They have an excellent beer bar too with at least one cask beer on tap.\

              Mia's in Bethesda is a great place too. Second on my list, that may be because I work fairly close and can go there for lunch. Small spare pleasant atmosphere. And the have cupcakes.
              Enjoy your trip.


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                Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

                While you're in the aviation museum - check out the Bendix air to air races area.

                It used to be a coast to coast race every year to claim the world record for trans america flight across the US.

                My father in law - Col. Ed Kenny won it in 1954. You should hear some of the stories he tells - talk about living history..... I'm lucky to have him.... and his daugher (my wife)! Some how that doesn't sound right.... sorry.

                Bendix Trophy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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                  Re: Mid week trip to D.C. March 2008

                  Well I started the trip a little bit sick and cooped up on an airplane for 5 hours made matters worse. I had 5 pizza joints on my list to hit but only made it to 2. Both of them were during the lunch break. Talk about a cheap date. I was there for 3 nights and had dinner once. The folks at the office right next door to the Smithsonian Error and Space Museum were also sick so that just made the time there that more enjoyable. I came home got more drugs from the doctor and 2 weeks later am still coughing up a lung each morning.

                  So lets get the geeky engineering out of the way first. I own 2 HP-41C calculators. One is the original HP-41C and the other is the one with the "Brain" HP-41CX. Which one did the astronauts take with them on their space flights? Yep the venerable HP-41C. Geeks rule!. That was the extent of my touring DC as our meetings started at 8am and we didn't get out until 4:30. DC rolls up the streets at 5:30.

                  The first place was Matchbox.

                  They do not have a Margherita on the menu but hey have a close second. it is tomato sauce with a few spices, buff mozzarella and fresh cut basil. For a twist the added dried tomatoes to the top. The pizza was definitely a 90 second pizza. The back of their oven was chuck full wood and the fire was roaring. The dough was nice and crisp, not too crackery and with a good crumb. Now my taste buds were off but I did like the slightly zested sauce. I had them hold the dried tomatoes on half the pizza. Only real beef was no drizzle of EVOO. It could have used the dabbling of moisture. Small 12 inch pizza $13.

                  The next day was Ella's.

                  They list Margherita and thus it fit the bill. I found their bread a little chewey. It seemed to me as though it was handled too much. They too had a roaring fire going but I don't think it was as hot as Matchbox. The crust was barely singed no black here by the way that charcoal really helps in digestion! Their fare followed the traditional Margherita. Call me spoiled but I kinda like a spicy sauce. It was all I could do to not add either Tabasco or red peppers to it. The idea here was to not alter the presentation. So based on authenticity they are a notch up from Matchbox. Which one did I like better Matchbox. Small 12 inch pizza $13.