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25 kg. Caputo Red?

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  • 25 kg. Caputo Red?

    Is this Product Detail @ DairyLand USA the same as the 1 kg. red?

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    Re: 25 kg. Caputo Red?

    did you ever get any response....I believe I have asked that same question on other threads


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      Re: 25 kg. Caputo Red?

      For what it's worth, the Caputo 'Red' Rinforzata flour (referred to above in the Dairyland product detail) is listed in the Chef's Warehouse Catalog under Item# GF296A. I just purchased 10 1kg bags of Caputo Pizza Flour (classic red Tipo 00 bag) listed under CW Item#GF234. These are two separate products in the CW catalog.


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        Re: 25 kg. Caputo Red?

        Two differnet Animals.....Caputo Rosso Rienforzato has a Bakers Index of
        W300 and a P/L of 0.55 and is up to the task of long or refridgerated fermentation, and Indirect Methods...sourdough cultures and perferments.

        The Chefs Farina is ~W200 and P/L of ~.45 and is for direct methods...Commercial Yeast, Brief Fermentation at RT...Bulk Ferment 2 hrs, then separate into Pats and Its good to go in 3-4 hrs. It doesn't do well witn Preferments or retarted fermentations unless you reinforce it with American Hard Red Spring Wheat Flour.

        Depending on your recipe use what is appropriate.