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pizza flour in Australia

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  • pizza flour in Australia

    I am wondering what type/brand of flour all you aussies have been using and where you get it from. I have been using one from Coles labled as pizza flour - lighthouse? brand but I sure there are better ones out there. Plus one i get the oven finished i am sure i am going to be buying in bigger than the 1kg bags i have been getting.

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    Re: pizza flour in Australia

    a very good flour that I and a few others here use in Adelaide is one from Gaganis Brothers. It is Gaganis Special White flour and sells for around $12-13 per 12.5kh bag. Good value and great taste. See:

    Flour & Baking Needs

    I also have a 10Kg bag from Allied Mills called 'Pizza flour 36400' which is just as good but a little dearer.

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      Re: pizza flour in Australia

      Hi James,

      I have gotten some very good organic flour from these people:
      Organic Food Sydney, Natural Food & Health Food. Home delivery Australia wide
      They are in Sydney, they deliver. Only problem is to pick up your order it is at limited times or by arrangement.

      They also have a huge range of other products. Have a look at their website!



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        Re: pizza flour in Australia

        Yes James, I bought a box of Lighthouse brand Bread & Pizza flour but have yet to use it. Will be cranking the oven up on Sunday so will have something to report thereafter on Lighthouse's performance. It is very pricey here BTW so it better be good!!

        In the past I have used the locally available "Bakers Flour" (Coles, Woolies etc) - comes in 9Kg bags. Results have been good, but I am keen to experiment with others. Not sure what other flour is available here in Perth, but I am heading out to do some shopping tomorrow to find out.

        / Rossco


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          Re: pizza flour in Australia

          Is this the correct Caputo Pizza flour: Flours and Breads | Mulino Caputo | Pizzeria Flour 25kg ??

          It looks different to the pics I have seen on the FB site.... but perhaps this is new branding or something??

          / Rossco


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            Re: pizza flour in Australia

            That's the stuff. 121USD? pricey stuff down there. Here's the same bag on the east coast of the US for 39usd:
            Caputo Pizzaria Flour #55
            I guess they figure that anyone who would pay three bucks for a firebrick would pay anything for the flour to cook on them.
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              Re: pizza flour in Australia

              Makes me want to jump on a plane and head over there and get some. Will probably work out the same price in the end!!!

              I live in hope that a kind someone will pop up here and tell me that it IS available in Perth - at a good price too.....
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              / Rossco


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                Re: pizza flour in Australia


                I use Weston Milling Milano Pizza Flour, which is distributed all around Australia. Unfortunately it is only stocked by major food distributors, and available in 2 sizes 12.5 kg and 25 kg bags.

                I managed to get the distributors to sell me a bag. $18.00 for 12.5 kg Very cheap considering the quality.

                It is the best flour I have used to date, and has 11.5% Gluten. The only downside is they close at 05:30 every morning......Yawn