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Confused by Caputo flour names

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  • Confused by Caputo flour names

    I'm sorry if this has been discussed before, but I couldn't find it.

    My question is concerning the different names that appear to be describing
    the same flours. For example, on the Caputo website there are 5 flours that I
    wanted to research through the forums: (these names are from the website)
    00 Extra, 00 Pizzeria, 00 Rinforzato, 00 Pizzaiuolo, and 00 Chef's.

    All I find on the forum is references to Extra Blue, Blue, and Red (same as Rosso?)

    Is the following list correct?:

    #1: "00 Pizzaiuolo" is identical to "00 Chef's" (only difference is bag size?)
    and is known on the forum as "Red" or "Rosso".
    The descriptions on the Caputo website are identical as well.

    #2: "00 Extra" is known as "Extra Blue". The light blue bag says:
    FARINA di grano tenero Tipo "00". I made pizzas out of this and
    they were fantastic.

    #3: "00 Pizzeria" is "Blue". The bag is a darker blue w/ PIZZERIA on it.

    #4: "00 Rinforzato" is NOT "Red". The bag is a lighter red.

    Has anyone compared pizzas made with these five flours?

    Should I expect different textures/flavors/workability from them?

    I appreciate any help in clearing up my confusion.
    Thank you. Bill