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6 IN 1 ground tomato

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  • 6 IN 1 ground tomato

    I know, I know... they're not San Marzanos, in fact they're not even italian. But I tried a can the other day and was totally impressed with them from the moment I opened the can. They were very fresh smelling and tasting - no can smell or citric acid taste at all. I've heard the brand name before but never used them because they aren't available in the supermarket.

    Am I on the "late freight"; is anyone else using these tomatos?

    Will I have to renounce my 25% Italian heritage for using a domestic tomato??


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    Re: 6 IN 1 ground tomato

    Yep. You found a really great product. They are sweet right out of the can.
    Very tomato-y. Escalon is a fine company. These 'maters are picked red and immediately canned. Stanislaus (7-11) makes some fantastic tomatoes also.
    Here's a tip. Dump your can (I buy the big #10 size) into a fine mesh strainer and let it sit for about fifteen minutes. If you don't stir it, you will see a nice clear stream of water leaving your sauce. The result makes them all the better. You can add some back if you deem your sauce to thick.
    Have fun.


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      Re: 6 IN 1 ground tomato

      I have seen the remarks of some critics who claim to be purists and object to using Escalon's 6 in 1, but I agree with you, they are a superior product.


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        Re: 6 IN 1 ground tomato

        I understand the cricism of the purists and can't totally disagree with them. I guess the problem with me is that I'm only 25% Italian (Sicilian to be specific) and the rest is mostly Scottish. What's worse, I had a thrifty New England upbringing... so I like the good quality but especially like the cheap price.

        As a side note, I sent a complimentary message to Escalon after reviewing their web site. Today I received a very nice note from them, but the return address was "hjheinz.com". They appear to be owned by "big business".