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Dome Installation Video - Casa / Premio / Modena


For many of you who bought a modular oven, you may have asked how we put the domes together when we build them. For those of you considering one of our ovens, we shot a video to make your install easier.

Check it out on our You Tube Channel.


If the link doesn't work, simply go to You Tube and type Forno Bravo Channel. The video title is How to Set your Forno Bravo Oven Dome Pieces.

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Tuscan Grill

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  • Tuscan Grill

    FYI- Found a nice Tuscan Grill, designed by Steven Reichland, at Bed, Bath, & Beyond for $39. Sure comes in handy when cooking steaks or burgers in the brick oven. If you don't have that store in your area, simply Google it and you can order on line. Shipping is about $7.00.
    Jim Bob

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    Re: Tuscan Grill

    You can buy the same grill here at the FornoBravo store.

    Sounds about the same deal - $40 plus shipping.

    I bought mine from James and we love it!!!

    super for grilling some chicken to go on the pizza!!!!

    My oven progress -


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      Re: Tuscan Grill

      Thanks. I was able to get a nice one. But my question is what type of tool are you using to turn steaks over on this Tuscan Grill? It won't be good to keep pulling the entire grill out every time I need to turn meat over. If I used clamps they would have to be 3' long or longer.
      Any ideas?
      Jim Bob


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        Re: Tuscan Grill

        Hi Jim Bob,

        All of our ovens are different, so this may or may not work for you. I also must admit - I have on occasion pulled the grill out into my entryway to flip numerous small things like squash quarters. For things like chicken breasts or steaks I'm able to leave it in.

        I pull my tuscan grill as close to the entry way as possible, while keeping it entirely in the oven. I rake coals in under the grill from the fire and leave ta small fire heating up in the back of the oven if I'm cooking pizza later.

        Before cooking, I pull it out with the gripper and wipe or spray it down with cooking oil. I prefer cooking oil over olive oil for this. It really helps to keep the chicken from sticking.

        I place the grill back in the oven and put the meat on the grill.

        That makes it a short reach to grab steaks or chicken with barbeque tongs for me. My oven has a flared opening so there is some elbow room to allow for the flipping.

        I keep a piece of foil ready to keep the entry way from getting grease stains - the oven floor burns off but the oven entry does not get hot enough (normally) to burn off any grease that may drip.

        I'm sure I was not much help - but I like my grill - esp when grilled chicken pizzas w/spinach, pinenuts and chris's special sauce are coming up later!

        My oven progress -


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          Re: Tuscan Grill

          Thanks a lot. It does help. One reason I am interested in cooking steaks on the grill is that I can get the temps up real good to sear it well and leave it med rare inside. Ruth Chris's Steak House and Flemings Steak House(best steaks in Memphis) use a Salamander oven to cook their prime meats. These ovens can reach 1600 degrees and they create the finest seared filets that simply melt in your mouth. The only thing they use to baste them with is a mixture of real butter, fresh garlic, and Italian Parsley. It puts a great crust on it.
          I want to try to simulate those steaks by cooking them at a temp as high as my oven will reach, probably 900, especially if I need to pull the grill towards the entry to use.
          Thanks again and I will let you know how they turn out.
          Jim Bob


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            Re: Tuscan Grill

            If you could find a loooooooooong one of these or build one, it would probably be a great tool for flipping your steaks.

            They are supposed to be really handy for the standard BBQ, although I have not tried one.

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              Re: Tuscan Grill

              I have used one of these at a friend's BBQ grill and the idea is great. I did find that the pigtail hooked the wrong direction by my reckoning. To me I want to hook the meat in a clockwise motion and flip the meat so that it rotates clockwise as well.

              I suspect it was designed by a left handed person as some sort of secret revenge against having to deal with tools designed for right handed people.



              • #8
                Re: Tuscan Grill

                What's wierd is I have one of those hanging from Weber Performer grill and have never used it!! Great idea, just forgot I had it. But Wiley is correct, some devious left handed person designed it.
                Jim Bob


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                  Re: Tuscan Grill

                  Problem with the hooks is that they break the surface of the meat and that's what searing is supposed to accomplish.


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                    Re: Tuscan Grill


                    Yes that is true, but I will hook the filet in the end or side of the steak to turn it, and if I cook it correctly, will only have to turn it that one time and it will be crusty on the outside and medium rare on the inside!! Pizza is one thing, and I do look forward to trying different recipes, but a good medium rare prime beef filet is the top of the charts for me. Getting hungry just talking about it.
                    Jim Bob


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                      Re: Tuscan Grill

                      As far as flipping a steak inside a WFO why not try a clean pair of fireplace tongs. Seems like it would work and preserve the seared surface.


                      Some slight modification would make it more user friendly. I think I would prefer the scissor tongs and with a little work could be easily made longer.

                      Scissors Tongs - 20": SpitJack Fireplace Rotisseries and Hearth Cooking Grills
                      Do not meddle in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy and taste
                      like chicken...

                      My 44" oven in progress...


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                        Re: Tuscan Grill

                        cajun knight,
                        Yes, the 25" scissor clamps look just right for the job. The 20" may be too short. Always appreciate everyone responding to my inquiries with some great ideas.
                        Jim Bob
                        P.S. I was going to fire the oven up this afternoon but it was 104 degrees and in Memphis humidity, that is HOT!! Too hot to start another fire. Fall will be here shortly and I will be ready to cook!


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                          Re: Tuscan Grill

                          Originally posted by Jim Bob View Post
                          ...some devious left handed person designed it.
                          I am a devious left-handed person. Bwahahahaaaa!


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                            Re: Tuscan Grill

                            Question on the Tuscan Grill from FB.

                            Any issues with using a small pan 10x10 to hold charcoal brickets under the grill in the landing area. I would also add some wet wood chips as well.

                            Basically I want to know is it okay to use charcoal in a wfo? I was thinking I may not want to mess with a "wood" burn during the week and thought of using a small pan with the charcoal. Any issues??? Than pan would also help keep the front landing clean since it doesn't get as hot to burn off.

                            Let me know.



                            • #15
                              Re: Tuscan Grill

                              Hey Dick,

                              I can't think of a reason why you couldn't use the front of your oven to hold a pan of charcoal. You wouldn't want to "burn"charcoal to heat your oven, but using the landing to hold charcoal for direct heat under a grill makes sense.

                              Charcoal puts out a reasonable flame when it is starting, but I don't think that would cause a problem for your dome. How would you start it? A tunnel? Wax firelighters? Not lighter fluid -- which would leave a smell in your oven.

                              Can anyone jump in on this one?

                              I will get it a try.
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