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"Clinker Grabber" image wanted. - Forno Bravo Forum: The Wood-Fired Oven Community


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Dome Installation Video - Casa / Premio / Modena


For many of you who bought a modular oven, you may have asked how we put the domes together when we build them. For those of you considering one of our ovens, we shot a video to make your install easier.

Check it out on our You Tube Channel.


If the link doesn't work, simply go to You Tube and type Forno Bravo Channel. The video title is How to Set your Forno Bravo Oven Dome Pieces.

Thanks for participating in our Forum. We will have more video content available soon.
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"Clinker Grabber" image wanted.

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  • "Clinker Grabber" image wanted.

    Can anyone post an image of HD tongs please?
    RTFlorida put me on to Dmun's post, but the item had been removed from ebay.
    Thanks eh.

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    Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

    Hi Jeff...............not sure exactly what you need but this came up on 'What is it' when I googled it.

    Name:  2c182bbf54c8c44fa9eae5ea87bc1054.jpg
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Size:  50.3 KB

    This is a modern log grabber that can be bought today. Found it for sale in US and Canada but not Oz. Maybe a longer browse through the web would turn something up. Or have one made.

    Name:  202da13cf9de04ec812820fd5e129c5f.jpg
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      Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.


      Can't you find something at a fireplace shop?

      I've even used my kitchen tongs (with the longer handle)
      sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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        Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

        Thanks Inish.
        Now why didn't I think of that? Wouldn't have Luddite ancestry in my blood perchance?

        XJim: more fun to make 'em myself; that way my Lady thinks I'm actually earning my keep. Hahaha.
        Mate, the kitchen tongs hide every time I fire up the furnace, tru. (Well that's how it seems to me anyway).

        Thanks again fellers. My love in life is going bush for a few months at a time.
        FornoBravo satisfies the lust whilst confined to barracks.
        So much to learn, eh! (And only one life).
        Eat well you mob.
        Still-the-luddite (apparently)-Jeff.


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          Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

          Jeff, what's the Love do that takes to the bush for many moons?

          ...you can still hug the oven to feel the warmth.
          sigpicTiempo para guzarlos..... ...enjoy every sandwich!


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            Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

            My Lady doesn't talk much, so she's allowed to come most times.

            Mate, the image was directed toward Frances. (She enquired as to the nature of "paperbark". Well there you go).
            Why wrap a banana?
            It was to hand.
            Just goes to show that insanity is not necessarily confined to The Irish, eh.
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              Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

              The above post may seem unbalanced.
              Truth is, I'd just set up that image for transmission when I read your post. Seemed the perfect time to try my hand 'solo' (ie without Inish's directions), and 'voila' ....so maybe there's a glimmer of hope for the old dog yet.

              Have nutted-out design for a clinker-grabber. Nothing like that equisite forged piece from yesterday, but similar functional design. Just not handsome.

              (Apparently GJB is still with the goats, eh.
              What say we club together and buy the Lad an Honourary Doctorate in Pizza Practises? The forum won't be the same without him, and I can't wait years 'till he gets up to speed). Giggles.


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                Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                Pssst, Jeffy,
                I'm still watching your antics. I just needed a day off to make pizza and bread. Perhaps pasta al forno today.

                I could never leave this forum, nowhere else to go. (Maybe a walkabout in the bush or say... the ant artic?)
                Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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                  Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                  Sad, sad. Somehow I imagined it would still say Master Builder. Guess I'll get over it.
                  Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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                    Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                    Yer a flamin' Flash Murray Pizzo matey. You go on ahead; us lo-lives will pick up the pieces. No no! You streak on to Fame'n Glory.We'll be fine. Don't you worry about the enlisted men! You just drill'em, eh.
                    And I missed the 1000th!
                    Damned insulting wot Old Chap.(Crikey, where's Frances when one needs an interpreter) ?
                    Truth is George (and I'd never tell you this), you spread good vibes far and wide. Ta mate, and I raise a glass of Ruff Red to your Knighthood.

                    Gentlemen.... I give you Sir George of Longview!! (glug glug glug).

                    May your wood remain dry and your oven sturdy.


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                      Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                      George (Sir),

                      Time to get over the blushing period. Crikey, as Jeff would say, congratulations.

                      "Made are tools, and born are hands"--William Blake, 1757-1827


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                        Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                        Thanks for the toast Jeff. Once again, a hearty laugh on my side. I keep wondering that if we met, would we be immediately best friends, or dislike each other completely. I choose to believe the former. Nothing better than humor to create friendships, eh?

                        CJ - I baked my 5th batch of ciabatta using your recipe during my "day off". I was a little short on the biga, so I just improvised until the hydration looked right - really sticky stuff. It turned out really well. Thanks for all your efforts on the e-book. I will learn it like the "Apprentice" in the near future.

                        The blushing period is over. Back to biz.
                        Everyone makes mistakes. The trick is to make mistakes when nobody is looking.



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                          Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                          Sir George of Longview.
                          Mate, I've only met, and welcomed into our hovel, one person from this internet thingy. An old pric, ex truckie, pre that he had enjoyed a hard and devious living.Appalling table manners (same as mine, hehehe).
                          And now a friend.
                          I don't anticipate a recurrence.
                          GTB, you're gilt edged. Mate I'm lead lined.
                          The only way you and I would ever hook up would be in my environment: probably desert. And I reckon (for a Navvy, eh) you'd do ok.
                          Chuck me into your Social Circles, and it would be terribly unconfortable.
                          To summarise Sir George, I reckon you'll do me for a mate.

                          Your call.


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                            Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                            I can't reach the logs with my gloved hand so I use a simple garden tool. It's a simple four prong cultivator. It doesn't pick up the logs but does a great job wrangling the logs.
                            Gardener Welded 4 Tine Speedy Cultivator, Cultivators with quick shipping from Plant Factory Garden Center


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                              Re: &quot;Clinker Grabber&quot; image wanted.

                              Heads up! These don't come up very often. I'm not going for it because I think the shipping is overpriced, but for someone in Chicagoland, it might be just the thing:

                              Large Antique Coal Wood Furnace Stove Clinker Tongs - eBay (item 260222654850 end time Mar-28-08 16:48:14 PDT)

                              Last edited by dmun; 03-24-2008, 10:08 AM. Reason: bad image link
                              My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2