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Hearth floor support

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  • Hearth floor support

    Hi Guys,

    Well I may not have decided what I am doing for my oven construction yet but sounds like the pompeii is what I will have to do. (he says as he shakes in fear)

    I will ask my question it may sound like overkill but I dont like 1/2 doing things.

    Once I have done the construction for the hearth prior to laying the cement I was looking at using LYSAGHT BONDEK instead of the plywood or MDF that everyone seems to use. This is what is used to support concrete floors in office building from what I can gather.

    It seems to also have a fire rating not that the slab will be getting too hot with proper insulation.

    Is there any one that can see and issues with using this on the floor. Good Idea or Bad idea?

    I will take a pic of the are I am looking at using and will see comments on foundations recommendations.

    Thanks for now

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    Re: Hearth floor support

    I don't see a problem with using this profile steel sheet as the base of your hearth concrete slab.
    I would cut away the lower profile carefully to allow the largest flat part of the profile to sit on top of your block walls. I would then support it to ensure that then weight of the 4' reinforced cement doesn't sag the sheet leaving a considerably thicker an heavier center. This support can be removed once the concrete has set, usually after the dome has been built.

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      Re: Hearth floor support

      I considered Bondek when I was pouring, would've used it if I had some laying around.
      Instead I used boring old corregated iron.
      Worked a treat.


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        Re: Hearth floor support


        As Neil & Paul said as long as you support it till it sets I do not see a problem either.

        I used some left over colourbond sheeting as my form and I had no leakage underneath
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          Re: Hearth floor support

          My parents used this stuff in their top concrete slab of their house and this stuff is fairly thick compared to corrugated iron. From what I have read it cam be used on large expanses of space without support. I will however be putting a centre pillar in my build as support for the floor. As I said I pretty much overdo things LOL.

          The underneath of my oven is not going to be as most as there is a brick gadren bead that will be running through the centre of the oven so my storage are will ba alot norrower so I may as well use the space I cant use for storage as a support for the slab.

          I know my dad will say to me why did you use Bondek its not like you are going to be stacking elephants on that slab.

          thanks guys for your comments

          Originally posted by John K View Post

          As Neil & Paul said as long as you support it till it sets I do not see a problem either.

          I used some left over colourbond sheeting as my form and I had no leakage underneath


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            Re: Hearth floor support

            As I said I pretty much overdo things LOL.
            If it's not overdone,,,, It isnt done... Unless your talking about steak

            Good luck with your build


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              Re: Hearth floor support

              I have been considering the same thing. And I found a scrap dealer up the road that actually has some pieces that would be big enough. I know of at least one other person here that has used that type of steel decking: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/8/el...en-3714-4.html