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Granite countertop installation questions

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  • Granite countertop installation questions

    I had a piece of granite cut for my oven. The attached image shows the cardboard template I used. I have two questions regarding the installation:

    1) What should I use to fill the gap between the granite and the exterior of the oven? I have some high temp caulk that I'll use for the gap between the granite and the firebrick, but I'm not sure what to use for the other gaps (e.g. the brick arch and stucco).

    2) I'd like for the granite to have a slight pitch so that any runoff will flow away from the oven. I don't want to simply use shims, as I understand that granite needs to be fully supported underneath. Ideas?

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    Re: Granite countertop installation questions

    You might consider using no gap filler at all. The heat produced is going to cause all kinds of movement and it is hard to believe that any kind of caulking will not eventually fail.

    It is a good idea to fully support the granite. Simply shim to the level you want and then lay a bed of mortar.


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      Re: Granite countertop installation questions

      I'd fill the gap with wood ash. It's cheap, heatproof, and constantly renewable.
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        Re: Granite countertop installation questions

        Thanks for the responses. I assume you both mean the gap between the firebrick and the granite. Is that right? What about for the gap between the granite and the outer arch and stucco? I thought that I should use some kind of water resistant sealant so that water doesn't get under the granite, but perhaps that's not needed.


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          Re: Granite countertop installation questions

          If you are adhering your granite slab with silicone caulk, the usual way, there should be enough to keep water out of the crack. I'd keep it well below grade, though. It's supposed to be heat resistant, but I don't think I'd want the stuff near heat and food.
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            Re: Granite countertop installation questions

            What i would use it this and I will tell you why.... Take it as fact or a grain of salt... you choose????

            I would use a Silicone granite colored grout....Why

            Because the out side of the oven if built right will get 100 F and the edge of the firebrick where the granite meets the firebrick will get under 300 and I would say closer to 200 F

            and when you fill the gap it will be only about 1/16-1/8 think and you will NEVER have a problem with that crack

            If you need to glue the granite down I would use Silicone.... That you can get a home depot

            3M Fire Block Sealant Fb 136 - FB 136 at The Home Depot

            you can always use this silicone too for the crack if you are worried.....