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Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

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  • Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

    Hi everyone,
    Seems like a long time has passed but have been insanely busy with the garden this summer.

    Here is the finally finished oven with the door a friend made for me. I made a few pizzas but really want to use it as an oven and can't wait to do it.

    Many thanks to all of you who helped me along the way. I sure appreciate this forum and the good folks in it.

    Close up of the door:


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    Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door


    Website: http://keithwiley.com
    WFO Webpage: http://keithwiley.com/brickPizzaOven.shtml
    Thread: http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f21/...ttle-7878.html


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      Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

      Wow. That's great.
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        Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

        Thanks. While I was curing the paint for the door, the little fire wasn't to be wasted. I warmed up some tri tip that was previously barbecued. Even just warming it up gave such a warm, smoked flavor!!



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          Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

          Excellent! Lots of great counter space too!
          My Oven Thread:


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            Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

            Absolutely beautiful oven! Love the accents on the arch. Nicely done...

            My 34" WFO build

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              Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

              Thanks, Drake. To the left under that wood is a regular barbecue with two rack heights so that I can grill with wood or briquettes. To the right under the counter is storage.

              Just for the record and in case some of you weren't following when it was built, I hired a mason to do the job. He was out of work (not much call for a mason in these times) and I didn't have a lot of money, lol. It worked out great! I asked the forum for help when we got stuck, and I am so very pleased with the results.


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                Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

                What an inviting place for people to gather, mingle, and eat!


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                  Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

                  Hi again Ellie,
                  good to see you back again.
                  I thought you had disappeared a little like myself.
                  Good to see that you have finished your oven finished and hopefully enjoying using it.

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                    Re: Ellie's Oven Complete w/ Door

                    Ellie, well done and conrats!
                    Great work.

                    Oven Build:http://www.fornobravo.com/forum/f8/b...oven-5927.html

                    Progress pictures:

                    Cooking pictures: