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Is this the right stuff?

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  • Is this the right stuff?

    I found a local supplier of vermiculite, and just wanted to make sure that this would be good for base and dome? and if so how much? seems kinda expensive ($25/18lbs)

    Heres a pic

    heres the Material safety data sheet for it, it doesn't look like it contains silicone or other not so good stuff


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    Re: Is this the right stuff?

    That's about twice what I paid.

    You may have better luck looking for a supply house for green houses. Pool builders may have some extra but it may have portland already mixed in with it.

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      Re: Is this the right stuff?

      See if Uline has a distributer in your area. 4 cu ft bags are $26 each


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        Re: Is this the right stuff?

        is this the stuff ?

        4 Cubic Foot Bag Of Grade 4 Vermiculite S-3393 - Uline

        if so which grade



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          Re: Is this the right stuff?

          Thats the stuff. I had a heck of a time finding a local source, let alone someone who knew what vermiculite even is! One gut told me he thought it was a sandwich topping. Uh yea right! U line shipped out four bags to me 4.0 cu. ft each. I think the cost total was $120. It arrived as promised in 2 days. Oh, BTW the grade 4 is fine


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            Re: Is this the right stuff?

            That's it. I used 4 bags in an 8" thick x 48" x 70" insulated slab


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              Re: Is this the right stuff?

              U line is definitely more expensive than some sources but they have it, are easily located, and the shipment is painless (other than money). When I built my insulated slab I spent several days searching locally to no avail and finally gave up and ordered from U-line. I think it is well worth checking with garden suppliers and such locally but...I certainly wouldn't spend days again!


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                Re: Is this the right stuff?

                Awesome, Thank you very much for all your reply's. I will be going probably tomorrow as there is one about 20min away from me, do you think the larger or smaller particles will work best. I was thinking the smaller

                Thanks again


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                  Re: Is this the right stuff?

                  One thing to consider as I just re-read your first post. Vermiculite weighs very little. It's used as a shipping protectant and spill absorbent. A 4 cu ft bag only weighs about 7-8 lbs so you may want to see how much in volume your other source is for the 18 lbs. Just a thought.


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                    Re: Is this the right stuff?

                    I purchased my 4 CF bags from a local horticulture shop. I found the distributor for Perlite\Vermiculite in Michigan through the Perlite website and they directed me to the closest place near me. $25 a 4cf bag sounds crazy. I paid $7.

                    Give these guys a call and they should be able to direct you to a local source. They will probably have both Perlite\Vermiculite, but it does not matter what you use.

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                      Re: Is this the right stuff?

                      The grade 4 on uline.ca weights 19LBS, now I'm just confused lol


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                        Re: Is this the right stuff?

                        don't sweat it. I probably remembered incorrectly. Uline has a huge distribution warehouse about 30 miles from me so I picked the bags up myself and did not have to pay a shipping cost.