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Tarp strategy

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  • Tarp strategy

    I'm trying to determine how to best keep my oven dry for the remainder of the build. To date, I've simply covered my oven with a tarp at the end of the day.

    However, it doesn't seem like I'll be able to remove the chimney once I begin applying the vermiculite/cement insulation. After that dries (which I think will take a few weeks), I plan to add stucco and stucco paint.

    Finally, I'll pour more concrete to raise the counter, and at that point, it should be waterproof.

    So...what have others done to keep things dry once the chimney is attached, and before waterproofing is complete?


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    Re: Tarp strategy

    I use two really large tarps. I cover the entire thing, chimney and all. (how tall is your chimney?)

    It's a real pain.
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      Re: Tarp strategy

      It's 36" tall. I thought about putting a big tarp over it, but am worried that it might be like a big sail, putting stress on the arch. Did you find that to be an issue?



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        Re: Tarp strategy

        I have my whole project under one of those pop-up 10x10 tents. Of course, that is as much to protect from the AZ sun as the rain.

        I am using several cinder blocks to try to keep it from flying away, as we are now getting into the monsoon season.
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          Re: Tarp strategy

          I was just thinking about this over the weekend. I saw that Lowe's has a 10'x10' tent for $98 this week. Any better deals?


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            Re: Tarp strategy

            HF has good deals I got a camo 7x7 for 45$ here is the pic


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              Re: Tarp strategy

              At the point I think you are talking about ( I hit it just a few days ago) I bought a chimney cap from Lowes ( Stainless, $37) and then I did not attach my flue until I had a scratch coat of stucco on the dome ( which repels water pretty well).

              With the chimney cap on, I just wrapped the flue with some plastic and held down with bricks. We had quite a bit of rain and the oven is dry inside.

              I might get started on a door of some kind to keep it safe in all types of weather.

              ( my current status in attached pic)
              This may not be my last wood oven...


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                Re: Tarp strategy

                Hey all - thanks for the great replies. I have been using a relatively decent sun shelter from REI, though I'm fairly confident that it will be too short once I attach the chimney (I'm going to use a 36" Duratech chimney). I will double check tonight.

                Another thought I had was to cut a hole in my current tarp and then slide it down the chimney when it's time to cover the oven; I could then cut a hole in a 2x2 square piece of plastic sheeting and slide it down the chimney so it's on top of the tarp, then use waterproof tape to tape the plastic sheeting to the chimney (so it would act like a roof shingle, with the water running down it and then on top of the tarp).

                Part of the reason I'm concerned is that I think my oven will be in this semi-complete, non waterproof stage for a month or two while I'm finishing the exterior, and we get pretty regular rain in MD in the summer.



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                  Re: Tarp strategy

                  Originally posted by papavino View Post
                  I was just thinking about this over the weekend. I saw that Lowe's has a 10'x10' tent for $98 this week. Any better deals?
                  My wife bought me this tent at Harbor Freight when it was on sale for Father's Day for $46.40 (after 20% off). She also got me their 10" tile saw for Father Day.

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