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Brick Cutting question

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  • Brick Cutting question

    I have a mitre saw... can I put a Diamond Blade on that and cut bricks with it?
    Any one see any problems on why that would not work?
    If it would work would soaking/dipping the bricks in water help?

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    Wet cut diamond blade

    (mrpbjnance) "I have a mitre saw... can I put a Diamond Blade on that and cut bricks with it?
    Any one see any problems on why that would not work?
    If it would work would soaking/dipping the bricks in water help?"

    ================================================== ===

    (M) I went to Harbor Freight at http://da.harborfreight.com/cpisearc...ibuteSearch.do

    I chose Harbor Freight because a 10" diamond blade is normally quite expensive. The only 10" listed was through on-line ordering and was a wet cut blade, ($29.99) It is a continuous rim (not channeled for cooling) so I believe you'd wear that out pretty fast.

    (M) They offer larger diameter dry cut blades: 12" and 14" but then you'd need to buy a "cheap" chop saw in that size. Perhaps at the retail shop level they may have a 10" dry cut blade. Be sure to use goggles and ear protection if you go the dry route.


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      Don't ruin your wood-cutting miter saw.

      technically, no, because if you have a blade rated for wet use, don't use it without water.

      I own a miter saw (DW705), but I won't use it to cut brick because the dust will wreck the motor. Instead, I went to Harbor Freight and bought a super-cheap 14" cutoff saw that uses disposable abrasive wheels. After cutting about 50 bricks, the wheel is still cutting, and all I do is blow the air out of the motor when I'm done.

      See this thread:Cheap Saw
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        PLEASE, protect your lungs

        Silicosis is a lung disease gotten from breathing things like dust from cutting bricks and blocks.

        If you HAVE to cut these things dry, do it outside, and wrap your face with a wet towel.

        You can do a LOT with a cheap 7" wet tile saw.

        And before you raise clouds of refractory dust, read up on Silicosis:

        My geodesic oven project: part 1, part 2


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          The simple and quick way to avoid dust when using an electric angle grinder type of saw is to soak the block, brick for several hours before cutting. The water the block / brick absorbs will decrease the amount of dust.