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  • cracked

    I know that small cracks are ok but well

    So I can see the light throught the crack so how to fix??

    1. So do I fill the crack with mortar and go on
    2. Do I crack out some more and then fill
    3. I plan to put two layers of refractory cement for insulation do I just fill then with the cement?
    thanks for any help....

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    Re: cracked

    Originally posted by Cypress View Post

    1. So do I fill the crack with mortar and go on
    I plan to put two layers of refractory cement for insulation....
    I have seen worse. Probably no point in adding mortar, it will just crack again. The blanket can cover a multitude of sins - I think you are safe to wrap and go. In regard to two more layers of cement for insulation - cement doesn't insulate, you need to use the blanket, vermiculite, etc...

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      Re: cracked

      So last night I got it up to 1024 F and look what roared its ugly head...
      There is smoke coming out of the crack should I worry or just cover and go on still??


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        Re: cracked

        The guy who held the course I did in WFO said to paint the crack with fire cement that has been watered down a little, as it drys almost instantly you paint on more, just keep brushing.

        It gets to a point where the crack fills up, you may have to do a follow up on the next firing.
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