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  • Fireclay

    When I went looking for "Fireclay" I was told by a couple of masonary distributors it was the same as "Mortar Clay". Often used as a mortar additive to make standard mortar creamier and stickier. But I was concerned when the 50lbs bag said Mortar Clay and nothing about thermal characteristics. Several of the Forum members have assured me that the two are basicly the same and what they used without any problems.

    There is a specialty shop in San Diego called Squires Belt Material Co‎ (4567 Federal Blvd, San Diego, CA‎ - (619) 266-6100‎) that the other distributors keep referring me to as "the guys who know". They were very helpful and sent me the attached spec sheet for Amador Fireclay made by Ione Minerals Inc.
    "Amador airfloated fireclay's plasticity and brightness make it an ideal choice as an addition in the manufacture of stucco and building compound products."

    Still doesn't have thermal properties listed but at least it has the right name printed on the bag. 50lbs=$7
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    Re: Fireclay


    This is the same product I used in my oven.. Works fine.



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      Re: Fireclay

      My local building supplier also told me they carry mortar clay (made by HC Muddox) when I inquired about fireclay and they told me they were the same thing.
      Well, I need some fireclay and am afraid I might use something without proper refractory properties.
      Any thoughts?

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        Re: Fireclay

        Mortar clay and Fire clay are the same product. I used the same product for my homebrew.


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          Re: Fireclay

          That HC Muddox mortar clay whatever-they-call-it fireclay is the correct stuff. It is exactly what I used.

          It says "superior brick masons mortar" and "part mortar clay, part cement, part sand" on it. This is what the FB community talks about when we use the "fireclay" in the "homebrew". Ignore the ingredient list on it and use it as the "fire-clay" part of the ratio and add your Portland Cement and Fine Sand and Lime in the correct raio.

          I've got 3/4 of the 50lb left over and it's yours for free. You can just ride your bike over and pick it up . Oh, you can have my portland cement too. Now maybe it's worth gas than getting it locally.
          Let me know!, Dino
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            Re: Fireclay

            Thank you Eric. I called a couple of other suppliers that carry firebricks and they both said they carried mortar clay and are indeed fireclay. Their bags are labeled as mortar clay as well.

            My 34" WFO build

            Weber 22-OTG / Ugly Drum Smoker / 34" WFO


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              Re: Fireclay

              Thanks, Dino, for the reassurance! I will go ahead and pick them up locally, as they are very close and they're not that expensive.
              Well, if you were closer I'd ride my tour bike, panniers and all, and pick up your free offer....and at the same time check out your oven and that gorgeous stone work of yours.
              Thank you for the offer though, I appreciate that.

              My 34" WFO build

              Weber 22-OTG / Ugly Drum Smoker / 34" WFO