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I'm Peter Reinhart! Ask Me Anything! Monday, February 15, 2016 7:00-8:00 pm EST

To kick off our AMA feature, we have invited author, chef and master bread maker and host of Pizza Quest, Peter Reinhart, to be our first host! Peter will be in the Forum on Monday, February 15th, from 7:00 - 8:00 pm EST. If you are unable to be online during the live session, you can post your questions in the sticky post. Peter will answer those questions during the live session on February 15th. You can view Peter's answers to your questions as well as what happened during the live session in the session thread.

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You will notice a new forum at the top of the main page called, "Ask Me Anything". This forum will be used for live one hour "Ask Me Anything" (AMA) sessions hosted by people who are knowledgeable in different areas pertaining to wood fired ovens. How it works:
- Each AMA will have a "sticky" thread where the community can post questions they would like answered during the live session. This will allow everyone to participate even if you can't be online for the live session. These questions will not be answered by the host until the live AMA; if you need an answer quickly, you should post it in the appropriate Forum area for the community to respond.
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We hope you enjoy this new feature! Please let us know if there is a topic that you'd like to have as an AMA and we'll look for a host!

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Wet Saw

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  • Wet Saw

    Is it necessary? If so is buying one or renting one preferable??

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    Re: Wet Saw


    I have been shopping to buy one. I think the buy one/rent one question depends on how much you plan to actually use it. I will use mine a lot, once I get it, since I have many more projects to tackle that will require a wet saw.

    You can get little saws for under $100, but you will likely have to make multiple cuts to get all the way through a brick (cut one side, flip it over, cut the other). You can get a 10 inch saw from Harbor Freight that has served many here pretty well for about $360 with stand.

    If you can plan everything ahead, then you can just rent once or twice and try and cut everything you need at once to minimize the rental period, but be advised to buy your own blade, and insist that the rental company removes theirs before you get the saw. A lot of companies will really overcharge you for the wear on their blades, and in most cases it is cheaper to just buy your own blade if you rent.

    Hope this helps,


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      Re: Wet Saw

      There are few options for brick saws posted throughout the site.

      Many of us have purchased the Harbor Freight brick saw when on sale and at 189 bucks plus 29 dollars for the blade - can end up equalling 2 days rental. That's what I did.

      If you're near Raleigh and want to borrow mine - you can. I think I'm done cutting bricks for a while.

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        Re: Wet Saw

        Hmmmmmm, Christo, tell me about these sales of which you speak!

        Was it a coupon thing, internet thing, flyer thing, or what? The saw right now is $299, and I believe that is without a stand or blade. And since you are just now giving up on the original blade, after all you have accomplished, your price was amazing.

        And if you get a chance to pop into Harbor Freight anytime, please have a look at their current 10" saw, and see if it looks any different than yours. When did you buy yours, by the way? I don't recall reading a post from you that says "I got my saw!!!".



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          Re: Wet Saw

          Travis, HF just opened a store in Carson and I noticed the same thing. I payed $199 2 years ago - now it's $299. They probably noticed how many they were selling and upped the price.... It's still a good deal compared to renting.

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            Re: Wet Saw


            That's very kind of you, however I live in Asheville. I'll prevail!


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              Re: Wet Saw


              That is definitely not the answer I wanted to hear!!!

              $300 would be a fair price with blade and stand, but right now it is $300 with out either. Once you add those it is about $400, and Harbor Freight starts getting into the range of a bunch of competitors.

              I am really very interested in what some of you experienced folks at building ovens and wet cutting brick, stone, and tile, would purchase today, given the offerings and prices that are available.

              Should I maybe start a thread on this topic?

              Thanks though for your response Les,


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                Re: Wet Saw

                I just found one in the local swap paper which I think I'm going to buy. It's used, but the seller says that it has a fairly new blade. It's being sold for $200 with the blade and stand. Craig's List and other swap papers are probably a great place to look!


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                  Re: Wet Saw

                  Sounds great to me, regardless of blade condition.

                  Some questions to figure out are: Is it a 10" saw? Does the motor run and when running does it sound smooth (dry cutting can get grit into the bearings and destroy them) ? Does the water pump work? Look up the brand and model and see what it would cost for a new one too.

                  I am going to search the used market before I actually bite the bullet and buy one. I would love to be able to by the very used saw that I used to work with cutting the tops off of concrete test cylinders if I could get it at a good price! The thing lived outside for hundreds of years, looked like crap, and ran and cut like a champ everytime you needed to use it!

                  Just make sure it is functional and not being sold because it is just about to die!

                  Good luck,


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                    Re: Wet Saw

                    Y'all be patient!

                    The Harbor freight saw was on sale here in Sac for $189 the last time I was there (3 weeks ago). I don't know if it still is, but I DO know that it will be again.

                    I bought my blade at HF but I didn't buy the stand. I simply placed the saw on two "saw horses" and it was all good.



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                      Re: Wet Saw

                      I think the saw's the same price, it's just the dollar that collapsed. I understand that it has come back a little, so we may be seeing Chinese stuff on sale again.
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