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big day tomorrow

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  • big day tomorrow

    Bricks are here now! Dry fit in garage before the big day tomorrow. Will set the 9 bricks shown in front with high heat mortor and also mortor in spaces between these upfront ones incase the winter rain and freeze cause any problems. These upfront bricks will be covered with the arches and vent for chimney. Bricks within the circle just get set with fireclay and sand so they can be replaced if they chip or crack. Outer bricks on circle area will be mortored in place also. I have a couple of questions?
    How long do I need to soak bricks before setting in fireclay mix and the high heat mortor mix? Also not sure about after things have been layed in place do I need to put a wet sheet or something over it all. Should I just spray with water each day....Thanks in advance Wayne Bergman Garden Bay BC
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    see below for my oven album of progress to date


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    Re: big day tomorrow

    i cant answer your questions wayne

    but man that floor looks sweet

    have a great time
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      Re: big day tomorrow


      My experience is that you can tell when the bricks have soaked enough water by listening to the bubbles. The bricks suck up water pretty fast. I usually just dumped a few into a wheelbarrow and covered them with water, then just dragged one out and mortared it into place. As far as wetting down the bricks, again my limited experience says that you probably only need to do that when you're trying to keep the mortar cladding from cracking; after the dome is built. There may be some reasons for wetting the bricks down after they are set but I didn't seem to find it necessary.

      Good luck with your dome building. Send lots of pictures.
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        Re: big day tomorrow

        Wayne, submerge the firebricks before - takes about five minutes before they stop 'screaming' - listen when you do it and you'll know what I mean. When they stop protesting they are done. If the bricks are presoaked I don't think you'll need to keep them covered. With our usual fall northwest weather there shouldn't be any need to spray. If it stays nice like it's been for the past few weeks then a short spray with the hose on hot days will do nicely.
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          Re: big day tomorrow

          Thanks guys I am off to the races now!......wayne
          see below for my oven album of progress to date